Justice, Cartabia chooses a woman as head of inspectors

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A woman in charge of the inspectors at the Ministry of Justice: Minister Marta Cartabia has chosen to entrust the task tocurrent president of the court of Viterbo Maria Rosaria Covelli. The magistrate will have to coordinate the areas of intervention of the inspectors who investigate their fellow magistrates suspected of being in default at work or for a possible offense.

Born in 1957, originally from Rome, daughter of Alfredo, who founded the Monarchist Party and wife of the constitutionalist Beniamino Caravita di Toritto, since 2010 she was president of a civil section of the court of Rome (and even in that case she was the first woman to fill this position).

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Covelli is the second magistrate chosen by Cartabia for a delicate assignment: before her Franca Mangano, president of the families and minors section of the Court of Appeal of Rome, became the new head of the legislative office.

Women today represent more than half of the judiciary: Barbara Fabbrini is the head of the judicial organization department. Head of the juvenile and community justice department is Gemma Tuccillo, and among the general managers is Lucia Castellano, the former director of the Bollate prison, who deals with the external criminal execution sector. Maria Casola is the head of the Department of Justice Affairs.

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