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Justice decides that Gugu Liberato and Thiago were not a couple; supposed partner revolts

Justice did not recognize the relationship between the late television presenter Gugu Liberato and chef Thiago Salvático as a stable union. The alleged partner said, in response to the CNN that the decision was taken by the judge “without even listening to the family and even letting the process continue”.

The TV Record presenter died in December 2019, after a domestic accident. The process, in which Salvatico asks for the relationship between the two to be recognized as a stable union, is under secrecy.

The chef said he did not believe such a decision would be made if the couple were heterosexual. “I will appeal, because I still believe in Justice, I will not accept this type of prejudice.”

He said that the two had a stable union “in the mold of what was possible” for a homoaffective man and a public person.

“I understand that it’s difficult to understand our relationship, as it is one of the biggest stars on television, and that he kept everything in his private life where it should be kept: with the people he cared about,” he said.

However, Salvático claims to have presented more than enough evidence for it to be possible to recognize the relationship between the two.

“Hundreds of messages, photos, proof of our travels together, proof of our joint investment account, proof that I had passwords, from cards to Instagram.”

He also cited the criticism suffered by historian Leandro Karnal, after recently assuming his marriage to another man on social networks.

“Suffice it to see that even today public figures face serious and harmful repercussions when coming out,” said Salvático. “Imagine Gugu, ten years ago, presenting programs for the family and specifically on Record, a religious broadcaster”.

Source: CNN Brasil

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