Justice decides whether priest who ran over robbery suspect goes to trial

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Justice heard last Friday (27) the testimony of Father Gustavo Trindade dos Santos, accused of running over a man who allegedly robbed a church in Santa Cruz do Rio Pardo.

In addition to the religious, eight witnesses for the prosecution and three for the defense were also summoned to testify.

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The press did not have access to the testimonies, but the judge in charge of the case will use them to decide whether or not the priest will go to trial for aggravated homicide, for not having given the victim a chance to defend himself.

The hit-and-run, which took place in May last year, was caught on security cameras. The images show the moment when the car, which belongs to the Diocese of Ourinhos, is thrown against a man passing by on the sidewalk.

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According to the police, the boy who was run over stole, from inside the parish of Santa Cruz do Rio Pardo, clothes obtained by the church in a bazaar. The bags were found with him after the hit-and-run.

The man who was run over was arrested in the act and was under escort at the Santa Casa in the city, but ended up not resisting the complications of the injuries.

The Diocese of Ourinhos reported that the case is being investigated and that the appropriate measures will be taken.

Source: CNN Brasil

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