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Justice suspends competition after teacher who created the test is in 1st place

The Federal Court, at the request of the Federal Public Ministry (MPF), suspended the result of a public tender for the Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG), after the professor who prepared the test was approved in the first place.

The contest was for the post of associate professor in the Department of Genetics, Ecology and Evolution at the Institute of Biological Sciences (ICB).

According to the MPF, the professor was appointed head of the department in February 2018 and, from the following year, he directly participated in defining the criteria for the vacancy that would be offered in the competition.

The tender notice was published in August 2019; in November, the professor resigned from the university and, days later, he signed up for the contest that he himself created.

For Republic attorney Adailton Ramos do Nascimento, the teacher’s participation in the contest that he himself formatted “violates the duty of equality of conditions required in disputes for public office, in addition to other principles of public administration, such as morality, impersonality, legality and isonomy.”

UFMG declared that, as soon as it was questioned by the Public Prosecutor’s Office, the contest was suspended and the university requested review of the process.

“UFMG accepted all referrals from the Public Prosecutor’s Office and is collaborating with the investigation of the complaint. As a public institution at the service of society, the University is guided by the fairness of its selection processes and makes efforts to ensure that the case is duly clarified”, declared, in a note, the university.

Source: CNN Brasil

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