K. Ah. Karamanlis: 1.8 billion for flood defenses – In Parliament the climate law

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The Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, Costas Karamanlis, announced projects worth more than 1.8 billion euros for the flood protection of areas and infrastructure, speaking yesterday, Saturday, May 14, at the conference on “National Climate Law, Natural Disasters, Warning, Prevention” takes place in Heraklion, Serres.

These are € 1.3 billion nationwide flood protection projects and infrastructure to be funded by the Recovery and Resilience Fund, as well as another € 500 million for major highway flood protection projects implemented by the concessionaires. .

Mr. Karamanlis said that the climate law will be passed in the coming days and will set the framework for the transition to climate neutrality in an environmentally sustainable, socially just and economically efficient way.

He also stressed that the competent directorate of the ministry has carried out from July 2019 until the end of 2021, 75,000 autopsies in public buildings, businesses and homes and has proceeded to 79,000 restoration actions. During the same period, compensation of more than 230 million euros has been given to those affected by natural disasters.

At the same conference, former Minister of Environment and Energy Giannis Maniatis stressed that Greece is in a good starting point for the development of renewable sources, but more ambitious steps are needed. At the same time, we have one last historic window of opportunity for our country to contribute to the supply of natural gas to the EU.

The president of the Green Fund, Stathis Stathopoulos, referred, among other things, to the de-ligation programs and the plan for the development of e-mobility by preparing municipal plans for the construction of charging networks with respect to the traffic needs of citizens and especially people with disabilities.

Special presentations were made on the effects of climate change on lakes and rivers in general and on Lake Kerkini in particular, on issues of urban and spatial planning in lake ecosystems and on the evaluation of flood protection measures in the Strymon river basin.

Source: AMPE

Source: Capital

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