K. Frangogiannis: Many projects in progress to strengthen Greece’s key role in energy

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“Energy issues were high on the agenda of the talks, at every level, in the American capital,” Costas Frangogiannis, the Deputy Foreign Minister for Economic Diplomacy and Extroversion, said in an interview with POLITICAL today.

In particular, Mr. Frangogiannis explains that the issue of Greek-US energy cooperation aimed at the transition to a new energy landscape for Europe, based on alternative energy sources, was the subject of a study presented at the Atlantic Council in May 18, which was followed by “a very interesting and constructive discussion”.

The prospect of US companies participating in infrastructure projects to interconnect Southeast Europe’s energy system “points out,” was on the agenda of the talks, in the meetings I had with both the American-Central American Business Association (ACEBA) and the US Investment Fund. DFC. “And there is a strong interest in financing the development of innovative technologies in the field of renewable energy.”

Regarding the role of “link” of our country in the energy, the Undersecretary of State stressed that “Greece is already a hub for energy transfer to Eastern and Central Europe and many projects are underway to strengthen this role.” He referred to the new FSRU plant in Alexandroupolis, “which will be the source of liquefied natural gas for Bulgaria and other countries in Eastern Europe and the Balkans.” He adds that “in addition, the prospect of developing more FSRU units throughout Greece and increasing LNG imports from key suppliers, such as the US, is being considered.”

“With the additional qualities of a pillar of stability in the wider region and a strong ally of the United States,” Mr. Frangogiannis underlines, “Greece has all the resources to lead the collective effort, at EU level, to meet the difficult energy challenges and Their serious impact on the daily lives of European households, with the support of the US The US interest, as expressed during the Prime Minister’s visit, for the official inclusion of the US in the tripartite energy cooperation Greece-Cyprus-Israel, in the form of 3+ 1, for the exploitation of the energy resources of the Eastern Mediterranean, comes to confirm this role of our country “.

At the same time, he is optimistic that, as Greece, we will make every effort within the EU to mitigate as much as possible the effects of the energy crisis on the daily lives of European citizens, and that “even bolder” decisions will be taken at the forthcoming Summit. by European leaders “in the direction of saving energy, diversifying its sources, but also halting the upward trends in their prices”.

Asked how the US side reacted to the Greek arguments for the escalation of the Turkish provocation, Mr. Frangogiannis said that the Prime Minister “left no room for questioning what he said”, that he “presented to the Americans evidence of the Turkish aggression”. “The overflights over Greek islands- in a move that surprised many and certainly upset Turkey, but which I believe has already worked in support of the Greek positions and will work even more in the long run.”

Responding to the positive Greek-Turkish agenda, he explained that its promotion continues. “In fact,” he notes, “the next round of discussions on the positive agenda is scheduled to take place in Ankara on June 24. The 25 topics on the positive agenda are being developed in the fields of transport, environment, tourism, small and medium-sized important steps have been taken, for example, to improve interconnection, to facilitate trade, to increase tourist flows on both sides, and to strengthen civil protection cooperation. ”

Finally, when asked about US investments, he said he was “proud of the results of our efforts over the past two years”, as “foreign investment in Greece has increased significantly and especially in terms of US investments, the presence is indicative in our country of Amazon, Microsoft, Pfizer, Google “. He added: “We are in constant communication with the US business world and are working on ideas and proposals for important new projects with an emphasis on innovation, new technologies, renewable energy sources. I hope that soon we will be at a sufficient stage of maturity to do and relevant announcements “.

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