K. Hatzidakis: In 1555 we are taking a big step forward

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“We in 1555 are trying to take a step forward, to leave behind the era of lowered telephones, public outrage and constant complaints and to move to a system of structured service. You are defending the chaos that prevailed before the operation of 1555 and then pretend to be progressive! ” This was stressed by the Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Kostis Hatzidakis today from the floor of Parliament, answering a topical question by SYRIZA MP Panos Skourletis about the Unified Citizen Service Number from the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs and its supervisors.

As Mr. Hatzidakis explained, “Before we had seven scattered call centers and a plethora of lines that were supposed to serve the citizens. How much they served them shows from the complaints to the Ombudsman that the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs was the most problematic ministry for decades. “In his communication with the citizens. We united all the lines into one, using the old number of EFKA, in 1555”.

“The issue of serving the citizens is one of the most serious issues of the Ministry and priority should have been given both in terms of quality and in terms of speed,” said the Minister of Labor and Social Affairs. Responding to the allegations about the cost and procedures of the project, Mr. Hatzidakis stressed that they were completely transparent and based on the pre-existing legislation on public procurement, taking into account the special conditions created by the pandemic, while receiving the approval of the Court of Auditors. .

“We invited the five largest consulting companies operating in Greece, with international experience and know-how and for the implementation of such a complex project. The contractor in turn utilized the three largest call center providers. That is why it is now a professional job.” . Addressing Mr. Skourletis, he added: “In what you tell us about the cost, you do not even take into account that 320 contractors work in this project every day. Make your accounts and see how much their salaries only cost, without taking into account See also how much the respective call centers in Greece and abroad cost, so you are telling these employees who serve the citizens every day that they should receive third world wages, not of Bulgaria, but of Pakistan? You become our sponsors and thank you very much ! “, said the Minister of Labor and Social Affairs.

Finally, he clarified on the issues of SEPE, that the calls will “pass” from 1555, but if they concern complaints, they will be immediately forwarded to the Labor Inspectors and will be under the same management as before. Line 15900 for allegations of violence against women also remains autonomous. However, in case someone picks up 1555, they will be informed about the operation of 15900 and the call will be forwarded there immediately.


Source From: Capital

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