K. Hatzidakis: Stability and work with ND or irresponsibility and regression with SYRIZA?

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“The main reason you make the motion of censure is because despite your catastrophizing, instead of gaining in popularity, you go from bad to worse. But this very motion of censure will enable Greek citizens to judge and compare the “Our work, with any mistakes, and your own amateurism and dangerous choices”, said the Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Kostis Hatzidakis in his position today during the debate in the Plenary Session of the Parliament, highlighting the dilemma: Stability and work with ND or irresponsibility and regression with SYRIZA?

“This government has never claimed to be infallible and much more in the face of natural disasters, including Hurricane Elpis. But anyway, our fellow citizens have eyes and eyes. and yours, ladies and gentlemen of SYRIZA “, said Mr. Hatzidakis, emphasizing that” The very motion of censure that you submitted, automatically reminds you of your management in both Mandra and Mati. With the 124 dead! “And they come out louder in front of everyone, with your own arrogant speech. At least we had the courage to apologize!”

“But you are giving the same arrogant speech about the pandemic. Of course, there are too many victims of the pandemic. However, it is known and the evidence shows that, from the beginning of the pandemic until today, we have moved, with fluctuations, close to the middle. condition of the EU. But who criticizes us? Those who, from the beginning of the pandemic, say the exact opposite of what the government is doing. of SYRIZA, and so on.

“I suppose,” continued Mr. Hatzidakis, “you are proposing a motion of censure to us, and to our stand in Evros and the Aegean against Turkey. For the multidimensional diplomacy of the government. For the purchase of frigates and new warplanes. because we have controlled immigration and we have moved the digital state very fast.You are blaming us, because we have given 43 billion euros to deal with the effects of the pandemic on businesses, workers and the unemployed.The largest social package ever in Greece I’m sure we will be blamed for the policy we’re pursuing at the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs. Whatever happens, you are talking about ‘analgesics’ and’ neoliberals. the unemployment rate was 17.2% in the summer of 2019 and we have dropped it to 13.3%!

You are blaming us, obviously, because the income of a worker who is paid the minimum wage, thanks to government tax regulations, the reduction of insurance contributions and the small increase of 2% of the minimum wage, increases from 305 to 534 euros per year, an increase of 4 -5.5% in his income. You are proposing a reprimand to us because we are preparing a new, significant increase for the minimum wage and for the low-wage earners from May. Which will further crumple the monopoly of social sensitivity on your part!

You are blaming us because with the Digital Work Card, which we are promoting and it will get “flesh and blood” in a few months, there will be a guarantee in practice for the working hours and overtime of the employees. OAED programs are progressing in relation to your own period.Because we have received 1,059,000 pending insurance cases, which we have dealt with in the vast majority.At the same time we have achieved the last year record of all times in the issuance of pensions : From 123,000 in 2019, we went to 160,000 in 2020 and to 225,000 in 2021! You offer us a motion of censure for the Personal Assistant for the Disabled and the Disability Card, constant requests of the disability movement. reproach for the 2,000 euro allowance for each child born and because we promote programs such as the “Neighborhood Nannies” for the care of babies in areas with low density in nurseries! That’s why you make us a motion of censure!

“But let us not hide behind our finger. The main reasons you make the motion of censure, is because you are going from bad to worse. But this very motion of censure will enable Greek citizens to judge and compare their own Our work, with any mistakes, and your own amateurs and dangerous choices.These are recent events, so that Greek citizens forget the over-taxation of the middle class, with the 30 new taxes you imposed.The violation of almost all your election promises The risk of leading the country out of the eurozone.

However, with this motion of censure, the Greek citizens will be able to compare the style of both parties. And, I believe it will become even clearer, that on the one hand there are those who work, who can make mistakes, who admit them, but who in any case follow a European path, a path of common sense. And, on the other hand, there are those who constantly pretend to be prosecutors with a choleric and passionate speech. Without any self-criticism, without any serious proposal and without any sense of national responsibility!

So things are clear. We have to choose between an official opposition that remains unrepentant and increasingly toxic. And in a government that, despite its mistakes, produces work and is the only force that can ensure stability and perspective in our country. For this reason, on Sunday night, the majority of the Parliament will express its distrust towards your proposal and will give the order to the government to proceed on a path of seriousness, stability and perspective “, concluded Mr. Hatzidakis.

Source From: Capital

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