K. Hatzidakis: The 6 new interventions for the best service of the insured

K. Hatzidakis: The 6 new interventions for the best service of the insured


By Dimitris Katsaganis

At an event of the Ministry of Labor for the upgrade of the electronic service of the citizen, the Minister of Labor spoke today, Mr. Kostis Hatzidakis.

The Ministry of Labor is in contact with 8 million citizens, he said. The first key issue that Mr. Hatzidakis faced, as he stated, when he took over the reins of the Ministry of Labor, was the outstanding pensions and the second was the service of the citizen.

EFKA in 2020 collected 48% of citizens’ complaints to the public, according to the report of the Ombudsman, he reminded.

For many within the services of the ministry and EFKA, the problem of serving the citizens was not a problem. However, this is not the case, noted Mr. Hatzidakis. We decided to deal with it in a different way. We proceeded with 6 policies, in collaboration with the Ministry of Digital Governance, he noted and these are:

1. New digital services. Today, there are over 200 electronic services in all the supervisory bodies of the Ministry. Working.

Over 260 million, electronic transactions were made in the last 2. Years.

2. Interconnection of KEP with EFKA and OAED. More than 3.8 million transactions have been made. This cooperation can also be a pilot for other public bodies.

3. Creating electronic appointments at EFKA. It was a side benefit from the coronavirus, said Mr. Hatzidakis.

4. Upgrading websites and creating new alternative communication sources (myEFKAlive, myOAEDlive).

5. Certified accountants and lawyers. Now 458 certified professionals who can issue pensions in 3 months, noted the Minister. Working.

6. Unique service number 1555. 1.8 million calls have been made to this number. 98% of requests are answered, while 82% said they were satisfied with the transaction. More than 20,000 calls are made daily.


The next steps of the Ministry of Labor will be the following, according to Mr. Hatzidakis:

1. Enhancing cooperation between EFKA-OAED-OPEC with KEP by increasing transactions.

2. Expansion of myEFKAlive throughout Greece. MyOPEKAlive will also be created.

3. Extending pension cases for certified accountants and lawyers.

4. Completion of a tender for the extension of operation 1555 for 30 months

5. Creation of a “Digital communication room” EFKA – waiting for retirees. At the end of April – beginning of May there will be relevant announcements

6. Exclusively electronic services of EFKA, OPEC and OAED. In OAED 90% of the services “run” electronically, while in EFKA 60%.

According to his spokesman EFKA, Mr. Homeros Tsapalos, 90,000 calls per day in a total of 128,000 (s.s. 70%) concern EFKA.

The talk time for EFKA issues is over 5 minutes. In total, the last 8 months. According to an evaluation survey of 1555, 91% find the operation of the single number to be quite or extremely useful. However, 6 out of 10 say they do not know of the existence of 1555, he said.

Source: Capital