K. Hatzidakis: The increase of the minimum wage will be important

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The Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, Kostis Hatzidakis, spoke about a significant increase of the minimum wage, speaking on the website Newsbomb.gr and the Meeting Point, after the announcement of the Prime Minister for a new increase of the minimum wage, which will be implemented from May 1, 2022.

As he said, in January, the process of redefining the minimum wage will begin, after the 2% increase, which is valid from January 1, 2022. “Last year, with negative ground in the economy, we gave a small – symbolic – increase of “The economy has entered a positive territory. The year will end with a growth of over 7%. This will be reflected in our decisions and in the pockets of the employees,” said Mr. Hatzidakis.

Among other things, the Minister of Labor referred to the package of additional measures to support workers and businesses to address the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic, recalling that, in the last two years, the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs has allocated 9 billion euros to 3 millions of employed and unemployed.

At the same time, Mr. Hatzidakis stated that the “mountain”, as he characterized it, of the outstanding pensions will be cleared by the end of the first half of 2022. At this point, the Minister of Labor stressed the importance of the bill for the modernization of EFKA, which he creates, as he underlined, new structures within the body, in order to lay solid foundations and “not to have the same issue again”. He stated that EFKA is the most problematic Public Organization, as, according to the Ombudsman, it gathers 48% of the citizens’ complaints in the wider public sector.

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