K. Hatzidakis: The new increase in the minimum wage in 2022 will be over 2%

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“We are going to use all the weapons we have, theoretically and practically at our disposal, to tackle this problem which is really a shame, in 2021 there will be a delay in the award of pensions in a European state. Our goal is until the end of “In the first half of 2022, the issue should have been addressed and we should not discuss it again,” said the Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, Kostis Hatzidakis, speaking in the First Program 91.6 and 105.8.

“We addressed the bar associations and the Chamber of Commerce, there was a positive reaction and there was an initial expression of interest from 3600 lawyers and accountants. “170 passed the exams, but other rounds will follow”, he stressed.

The next round of exams will be on December 15, the Minister noted, and lawyers and accountants who failed in the first round will be able to participate.

Any of the retirees who want to get their pension an hour earlier, said Mr. Hatzidakis, can go to the EFKA website to see who the certified lawyers and accountants are and to one of them. There is an invoice set by EFKA for each specific transaction required for the issuance of the pension and in the end the issuance of the pension is paid by EFKA, not by the insured. In addition, in the first phase, they will receive new pensions, as the older ones have already been assigned to rapporteurs.

Certified accountants and lawyers will deal with the issue, will conclude, will submit a draft decision, pension decision and if there is no reaction from EFKA within a month, immediately the draft decision of the lawyer or accountant will be considered an official act of the administration and will be posted on gov.gr.

“When we started in the summer of 2019 we had 190,000 pensions, last winter we had 155,000 pensions and now it is around 120,000. Of these outstanding pensions, 90,000 are in arrears, while 30,000 are pensions have a quarter since they were submitted Of the 90,000, 50,000 receive a temporary pension or advance payment we made last spring and out of the remaining 40,000 some of them owe more than the amount stipulated by law and they will have an issue with the their drafting anyway “.

Mr. Hatzidakis, speaking about the new increase in the minimum wage in 2022, stressed that “it will clearly be higher than 2%”, in the context of the implementation of the government’s social policy, based on the capabilities of the economy. “The increase of 2% was given with suggestions from the employers, including small and medium-sized enterprises, of the Bank of Greece of KEPE, for a freeze. What we see now is that the economy is entering positive territory and the Prime Minister noted that there will be new The decision that will be issued after the relevant suggestions of the social partners will be issued within the first half of the year after the suggestion of the Minister of Labor and will reflect the potential of the country’s economy and the need to there should be a social dividend for employees “.

These days, the uniform number of citizens’ service, 1555 for all the services of the Ministry of Labor, is proceeding with its normal operation, the Minister pointed out, calling on all citizens to use the service.


Source From: Capital

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