K. Hatzidakis: These are the 3 categories of beneficiaries of € 250

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“In the face of unjust, completely unfounded criticism, we respond with action. The amendment we are proposing today is practical support for those in need in society. The measures we are promoting at EFKA are measures to serve the insured and retirees. All 5 billion “from the new NSRF and the Recovery Fund is also social policy in practice. To big words and unfair criticism we respond with a very specific social policy, social policy in practice.”

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These remarks were made tonight by the Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, Kostis Hatzidakis, speaking in Parliament about the amendment that introduces the payment of emergency financial assistance amounting to 250 euros to low-income pensioners, OPEC beneficiaries and the uninsured elderly.

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“The measures are part of a network of actions that provide for the strengthening of vulnerable population groups, the support of their disposable income and the improvement of their quality of life”, noted Mr. Hatzidakis, referring, among other things, to actions that preceded the last 2.5 years. , such as:

-Increasing pensions for working retirees
Dealing with the injustices of the “Katruggalo law”
-The new call center of the ministry
-The record in the issuance of pensions that will be achieved this year
-The bill for EFKA, the basic principles of which were announced yesterday, “with regulations of common sense that tries to put things in order”.

Responding to an intervention by KKE MP Nikos Karathanassopoulos, the Minister of Labor and Social Affairs underlined the reduction of unemployment to 13%, which is said to be a result of the tax, insurance and general labor policy of the government. “We are responding to the needs of society with our own policy and we will respond further in practice with the decisions we will make in the first half of 2022 about the minimum wage. We would never have taught the” Good Samaritan “at school if he did not have money before. We propose the creation of wealth and income.Our ideology is the only way to increase income and really serve the interests of the working and the weak.Otherwise we will share poverty.Our difference is that you share poverty “, while we are trying to create national wealth”, said Mr. Hatzidakis.

During his speech, Mr. Hatzidakis also clarified the extraordinary financial support of 250 euros, noting, among other things:

a) The pension increase will be received by all those who are low-income, ie those who receive a pension (permanent, temporary or advance) due to old age, disability or death, pre-retirement benefit, disability benefits from EFKA, and special categories (such as war invalids, disabled etc.), whose annual individual taxable income for the tax year 2021 does not exceed 7,200 euros and the family income 14,400 euros. Also the total value of the real estate of the household (based on ENFIA 2021) does not exceed the amount of 200,000 euros.

The amount of aid per beneficiary is € 250, increased by € 50 for each dependent member, tax-free, and will be paid to the beneficiaries until 31.12.2021.

The method of payment (whether it will be made in one payment together with the January pension, or by payment) will be announced in the coming days.

b) Regarding the beneficiaries of OPECA disability allowance, for December the welfare benefits are increased by 250 euros. The surcharge will be paid with the regular payment in December.

c) Similarly, the monthly pension of uninsured elderly and the social solidarity allowance of uninsured elderly will be granted in increments of 250 euros for December 2021, together with the regular payment.

The current measures, noted Mr. Hatzidakis, complement the measure of double payment of the Minimum Guaranteed Income that has already been legislated and will be paid on December 15.


Source From: Capital

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