K. Makedos: Attica Bank will be a frontrunner in the financing of green investments

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The need for initiatives and support tools from the country’s financial system to the technical world and small and medium companies in the field of engineering, pointed out Mr. Konstantinos Makedos, President of TMEDE and Attica Bank speaking at the 2nd Conference organized by the TEE entitled “Green Deal Greece”.

Mr. Makedos stressed that the total bank lending of the sector is expected to increase in the near future, while underlining the cooperation of Attica Bank with the Hellenic Investment Bank for the “Guarantee Fund EAT-TMEDE”, from which each beneficiary can receive capital transaction, through bank lending, for an amount of up to € 200,000.

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“In the first three months alone, more than 23 million euros have been disbursed. Most of the disbursements (35%) come from Attica Bank, which demonstrates in practice the potential that a small bank with only 2 “% of the market share of the banking sector, but also how our industry can be supported by it”, he said.

Regarding the bank’s transformation and growth prospects, Mr. Makedos noted that “as shareholders, and private institutional investors, we continue the effort to consolidate Attica Bank together with the American investment fund Ellington and the HFSF, which for the first time We are working intensively to achieve the complete transformation and development of the Bank, creating internal capital, with the aim of operating profitability, its privatization and its further development. “Attica Bank will become the body that will support the engineering industry and will be the forerunner in the financing of green investments”.

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The President of Attica Bank concluded by saying: systemic”.

Source: Capital

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