K. Mitsotakis: Flying and diving allowances are exempt from any tax – Voice messages to Turkey

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By Dimitris Gatsios

With multiple loud messages, the Prime Minister welcomed together with the political leadership of the Ministry of National Defense and the military leadership of the country the first six Rafale fighters in Greece.

“Defense policy is a member of national policy. The belief of this government was and is that the economic and social development of Greece must be framed by the shielding of its security and the restoration of its national dignity. There can be no real prosperity of the citizens. without stability and freedom in the country.As there is no true progressive modernization without the accompanying responsible patriotism.I believe in this creative duo and for this I will continue to work.For Greece any strengthening of its defense is a projection of peace in the 21st century Neither the obvious falsification of history and geography, nor the arbitrary and threatening fireworks θέση Much more when they are emitted by neighboring countries.These all respond to international law and our national vigilance.On the contrary the message of the times must be truth and conciliation always based on international legitimacy and especially in the region “We are always based on the law of the sea”, stressed Mr. Mitsotakis. “Greece and Europe will set foot on this path and our new Rafale will protect this path from above, for the acquisition of which we obviously do not need anyone’s permission. I will not tire of repeating that with the same determination that the country closes door to any threat, keeps the windows of dialogue open with confidence in its principles that follow international rules and have the firepower not only of its new weapons but mainly of its arguments. they will encourage convergences, “he said.

Pointing out that investing in defense means investing in the people who serve it, the Prime Minister announced that from now on flight and diving allowances related to flights, paratrooper operations, submarine operations, submarine disasters are exempt from any tax. “This measure concerns the Armed Forces primarily but also the Greek Police, the Fire Brigade and the Coast Guard and will also apply to the compensation of officers who provide medical assistance by air. It is the least expression of gratitude of the Greek state,” said Kyriakos. Mitsotakis.

At the same time, the Prime Minister noted, among other things, in his speech:

-The first six of a total of 24 state-of-the-art Rafale are the first fighter jets to join the Air Force in a decade. A power multiplier that upgrades our country at the operational, technological and geopolitical level. A clear message that Greece is flourishing and is flourishing in all fields, economic, social, but at the same time diplomatic and geopolitical…

-The new boats are ready here as the crews and support staff have already completed a demanding training cycle having learned many of their secrets νουν They bring with them their advanced equipment. In 2022, the second six will arrive and by mid-2023, Tuesday, to be followed immediately by the other six aircraft of our overall armament plan. The acquisition of the new fighters is connected with the renewal of the equipment of our air force, which had become urgent. It responds, however, to the current needs of our defense shield, as well as to the conditions above the national territory and in the Aegean, continuing, as it was said, the tradition of the Greek-French cooperation in the field of defense industry that essentially begins with the post-colonial period.

-It is a front-line geostrategic development because the new fighters make our aviation one of the most powerful in Europe and the Mediterranean…

-In a short time, these aircraft will operate next to new French frigates, with which they share not only weapons and electronic systems, but also a common business philosophy. The new international aviation training center will be inaugurated in Kalamata in the immediate future. During the year our navy will receive the first two of its seven brand new anti-submarine helicopters, as well as the much needed torpedoes for our submarines…

-All of the above is an application of a coherent program that I had described a year ago and is already being implemented. It is a proof not only of the government’s credibility, but also of the ability that the country has to prepare multi-year and extremely complex plans and to implement each of their phases with speed, consistency and transparency.

-In a symbolic game of the moment, the new fighters will join the “Falcon” squadron. Like “hierax”, Eleftherios Venizelos was christened one of the first four military planes that Greece received again from France exactly 110 years ago. That is when the fleet of our Air Force was born, which is now stronger than ever, and with it was founded the Greek-French alliance of the last decades, which today is even more established. The landing of those aircraft was followed by years of prosperity and triumph for Greece and I am sure that this will happen with the arrival of their modern descendants in Tanagra. That is why I welcome the pilots who were flown from France by the aircraft themselves, in the words of Eleftherios Venizelos. Greece said 110 years ago that it will always monitor the progress of the Nations and I hope that the national idea of ​​our planes will rise.

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Source From: Capital

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