K. Mitsotakis for the Parga-Pyrgos axis: Another commitment of our government is becoming a reality

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“After two years of methodical and persistent work, our efforts are justified and a big project is finally starting: The European Competition Commission announced today the final approval of the construction of the Patras-Pyrgos highway”, said the Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis for final approval of the construction of the road Patras – Pyrgos by the European Commission.

As the Prime Minister stressed, “the project was auctioned in 2014 with a single contract, with a budget of 443,000,000 euros and approved funding. If the project was progressing, then it would be ready. But one of the first decisions of the SYRIZA government, in 2015, was to cancel the tender and divide the project into 8 separate contracts, in order to favor a specific manufacturer, friendly to it.

This development delayed the project for another two years, increasing its cost by 70,000,000 and causing legal disputes between the contractors. Thus, in July 2019, the government of ND received the case in a quagmire: with the “elite contractor” of SYRIZA deposited and under bankruptcy and the relevant contracts pending legal action “.

And K. Mitsotakis continues: “In the face of these data, I decided to include this critical project of 75 km in Olympia Odos. And to claim, now, personally and in cooperation with the competent minister K. Karamanlis, the approval and It was the only solution to move forward, a solution that is now becoming a reality.

The new axis will have a design speed of 120 km / h, 8 uneven junctions, 15 bridges and 64 crossings. It will have an Operation and Maintenance Center with a Traffic Management Unit and a police station. It starts immediately with an estimated construction time of 40 months. The first 56 km, however, starting from Pyrgos, will be completed earlier. And with the Concessionaire undertaking the maintenance of the road for 23 years.

All this means safer, faster and more comfortable traffic. Interconnection of cities, facilitation of trade and transport, stimulation of local markets. In other words, this is a project for the development of the economy and the relief of society. And for another commitment of our government that is becoming a reality. Consistent with our motto: We said it, we did it ”!


Source From: Capital

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