K. Mitsotakis: I believe that no country will veto Finland and Sweden

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The prime minister sent a number of messages, speaking at Georgetown University, just hours before a summit with US President Joe Biden.

“What is happening in Europe today is unthinkable …”, he stressed, looking at the Ukrainian.

“I’m proud of being a European leader because Europe has responded in terms of sanctions. Mr Putin has found an alliance that is stronger now than ever. And now this alliance will have two more members. The channels of communication must be open. The Ukrainians will have to define what an acceptable solution means to them, we have historical ties with Russia, but as a country that has fought for its freedom we must stand by Ukraine … We are in a complex neighborhood, we have problems with our neighbors “mainly with Turkey and we will defend the solutions that are based on international law”, noted Mr. Mitsotakis.

“I do not think that any country will veto the entry of Finland and Sweden because at the moment it is a strategy for the alliance of Europe. “Boomerang for Turkey something like that …”, he stressed.

Looking at Greek-Turkish, the Prime Minister pointed out that now that we are all involved with the Ukrainian, the last thing we want is a new tension between Greece and Turkey.

“This is not a time for aggression, I told President Erdogan. And I want to be clear. There have been cases of systematic airspace violations. This is unacceptable and must stop … Our country has not challenged Turkey. our sovereign rights … “, noted Kyriakos Mitsotakis, while he also focused on today’s meeting of the White House with President Biden.

“I came to talk about Greece and the strengthening of our relationship. Greece is a gateway for liquefied natural gas. We have strategic relations with Cyprus and Israel. With Saudi Arabia. Egypt. Greece has an important role to play. “Greece has changed a lot in these three years,” he said.

“Greece is an attractive place to invest,” he said, adding that “we have issues with Turkey, I may discuss them with President Biden, but I will discuss our problems with President Erdogan … We do not want to rule out Turkey: The more constructive ways we find with Turkey, the better: I have met with Mr Erdogan four times and I have said that we should meet and talk … Summer is an opportunity to ease tensions. but it is inconceivable that Turkey can react to the fact that a Greek minister is visiting an island in Greece. Let ‘s hope that the tension will drop in the summer … “K. Mitsotakis concluded.

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Source: Capital

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