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K. Mitsotakis in Boston and Davos – Scenarios for the reorganization of the ministerial team

Of Dimitris Gatsiou

Counting the multiple, as characterized by government officials, positive results that the prime minister’s visit to the United States of America has produced for the country, the Maximos Palace turns its gaze to the next wave of international contacts of Mr. Mitsotakis, with a final landmark Top of the “27” leaders, next week.

The Prime Minister, after his presence in Washington, is today in Boston, where he will address the 146th Graduation Ceremony of Boston College.

Shortly afterwards, he will leave for Davos, Switzerland, where tomorrow and Wednesday he will give his “present” to the World Economic Forum, aiming at his contacts and interventions there to highlight the next day of the Greek economy, the country’s transformation into an energy node, but also at an investment destination.

The government staff is expected to receive the results of the first polls, after Mitsotakis’s 48-hour visit to the United States, in which there is a widespread sense that the vote of confidence of a large section of society in American initiatives will be reflected.

“For two days, the Prime Minister starred in the USA with the very strong and clear messages he gave for all the issues that concern the modern world, presenting Greece with determination, stability, peace and with very clear messages about what is happening in the Aegean and the Southeastern Mediterranean.

Our country with calmness, determination, sobriety, in all fields, and in the diplomatic, but also on the field, is here to defend the International Law, our sovereignty, our borders. “He is here to defend the values ​​of Western culture and this policy is being met everywhere,” said (Sky) the government spokesman, Giannis Oikonomou.

The… fund of the results of the prime minister’s visit has been found many times at the… table of discussions of government and party officials during the past weekend, when there were also discussions about the possibility of reshuffling the cabinet, in order to be fully exploited. of the positive momentum and to send, at the same time, the signal for the continuation of the production of reforms at an even faster pace.

Mr. Mitsotakis, as he always does in these cases, has not opened his papers, relevant discussions within the government seem to have taken place and the time for taking any decisions is set in time (if this scenario goes ahead) with the return of the prime minister from Davos.

That is, on Wednesday night. A. Announcement window for changes in the ministerial group could be next Thursday. After all, the cabinet is meeting on Friday (for the first time in two years) and such a move could send the message of a total counterattack on all fronts.

After Thursday, the scenarios for change are set for mid-June, as the prime minister leaves early this week for Brussels and the crucial meeting of European Union leaders.

Source: Capital

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