K. Mitsotakis in Tsipra: You have crushed the middle class in taxes and we are coming to give back what you took from it

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By Dimitris Gatsios

The Prime Minister left open the possibility for new interventions to support the real economy, if the phenomenon of increases in energy continues within the next year. At the same time, in his deuterology he gave answers to the reports of Mr. Tsipras.

“You came and told us that we were making a deal. You did not say it for the first time. Deal. As if there is no Greek word. You came and talked to the Minister of Defense. You came and talked about the training center in Kalamata. And you threatened the minister and officials. Threats The time when you were rushing to the government and you had the freshness of the new and you were telling investors not to dare to come and invest, and say it now, no one will believe you. “You will not threaten members of the Armed Forces who suggest with discretion. And to think that they will pass like this without an answer. We have made a deal. And we call it a truth agreement with the Greek people,” the prime minister stressed.

“Is the reduction of ENFIA creative accounting? The reduction of income tax in companies? The reduction of parental benefits? All this has not happened? You have broken the middle class in taxes and we are coming to give back to the middle class what you took from it. And this “Citizens know this. We do not have an ideal. Greece, however, has recently broken the vicious circle of underdevelopment, fiscal diversion and poverty. And overall expectations for the economy today are extremely positive. And positive expectations. “For the economy, there are positive expectations for all Greeks. The best answer to the so-called class unilateralism is the creation of many jobs from the investment boom that is taking place in Greece”, stressed Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

Looking at the international environment, the prime minister described the appearance of the Spanish prime minister in Turkey as “indecent”. “Mr Sanchez’s appearance in Ankara was indecent, with attitudes that are in stark contrast to the decisions of the European Council, and I call on Mr Tsipras to take a stand,” was his characteristic disgust.

Focusing on PPC, Mr. Mitsotakis stressed that the value of the share under SYRIZA was one euro. “The value today is around nine euros. The value of the shares of the state today, which holds 34%, is 1.2 billion. And you come to talk about the PPC that you went bankrupt, to hug the trade unionists. You had promised to sell PPC’s share?, “, he noted, bringing to the forefront the 2018 budget.” What percentage would you sell to PPC? You did not sell anything. in an interview he gave now: Yes, in the capital increase, even if we sold in 2018, we would not catch a single euro. The company had fallen into such an exceptional situation during your days “, Mr. Mitsotakis pointed out. “We hold 34%. We are committed not to fall below that. We are in complete control of the operation of the business,” he added.

At the same time, in his deuterology, Kyriakos Mitsotakis noted:

– I consider positive the fact that Mr. Tsipras, albeit with relative concern and embarrassment, stated what he supports the additional relief measures announced today by the government… The fact that we can agree that the support we provide, within the limits of the budget is in a positive direction I hold it as one of the few positive conclusions of agreement in the debate.

-Eurostat data show the course of inflation. I understood the opinion of Mr. Varoufakis. But, I ask Mr. Tsipras if he disputes the data of ELSTAT. If in doubt, go out, report it and send a letter to Eurostat. Obviously there will be a price increase. Now that we have rapid growth. We estimate that, in its intensity, this phenomenon will be temporary.


Source From: Capital

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