K. Mitsotakis keeps the engines of ND warm, after the Conference – Speech to the Political Committee

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By Dimitris Gatsios

Twenty-four hours after the curtain fell on the 14th Congress of New Democracy, the Prime Minister goes, this afternoon, to the party’s headquarters on Piraeus Street, in order to give the “present” to the first, with its new composition, meeting Political Committee. In the aftermath of the multiple political messages he delivered, in Sunday’s speech, Mr. Mitsotakis aims to keep the positive warm, as characterized by “blue” executives, momentum of the Conference. An indicative element of this move is the immediate time of the meeting of the party organ, during which the prime minister is expected to give, again, the stigma of the next twelve months, raising, slowly but steadily, the rhythm of the… internal machines. The elections, which he places in the Spring of 2023, are almost twelve months away and on this ρα marathon bridge until the, apparently, double ballots of the next year, the communication of positions and strategies and the implementation of the slogan “next to the citizen” will occupy a leading position.

The messages

During his speech to the Political Committee today, the Prime Minister is expected to focus again on the goal of autonomy, as he did emphatically in both of his speeches at the beginning and end of the 14th Congress. It is expected that the signals for the continuous enlargement of New Democracy will come closely, after what Kyriakos Mitsotakis stressed, in the interview he gave to “Vima”. That is, that the elections are won by the Center. “We have strong anchors in our values, but the sails are open in the wind of renewal. all. We got to get 18%, but we returned to 40% precisely because we were renewed, without abandoning our traditional values ​​”, was his characteristic disgust, during the work of the Conference.

According to information, the Prime Minister’s speech will not miss the… instructions to the party executives, who are entering a θέση battle position, in view of the long pre-election period, which opens on the… political horizon. “Months are coming full of false arguments that will bet on real problems. Against which we have two powerful weapons: the tangible results of our policy, but also the ethos of our party. So, far from any arrogance. We have to explain. the many that were done in a short time, weighing them, not only based on size, speed, but mainly on their starting point, that is, to know not only where we are going, but to remember where we started in July 2019. And let “let us not forget that we are building the Greece of tomorrow, closing at the same time the wounds of yesterday, in a way not without mistakes which we boldly acknowledge”, said Mr. Mitsotakis at the 14th Congress.

Government and New Democracy officials, however, continue to highlight the positive sign of the “blue date” work, as well as the big differences with the opposition parties and, above all, SYRIZA. “In contrast to the Congress of New Democracy, which focused on citizen issues and the vision for Greece of the future, the SYRIZA Congress was spent on clearing internal party accounts, away from society and the global challenges facing our country. “The main goal is to change the statutory procedures, so that Mr. Tsipras, who has already been the party president for 14 years and is seeking re-election as the sole candidate from the grassroots, seeks to secure his position in the leadership, in view of his new defeat in the next elections.” , note. “On the other hand, PASOK-KIN.AL. Is still in search of its identity and position in the political scene, as in its forthcoming Congress the central issues will concern the political physiognomy and the tactics of the alliances. So far, after all, “moves in a line of easy slogans, without innovative ideas, elaborate and costed proposals”, they add.

Source: Capital

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