K. Mitsotakis: The goal is to get out of enhanced supervision in the summer – investment grade in 2023

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By Dimitris Gatsios

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The slogan of the continuous enlargement of New Democracy and the message of autonomy in the next parliamentary elections to make “an autonomous Greece” a reality, the prime minister said, concluding with his speech the work of the 14th Congress.

Mr. Mitsotakis defined the ballot box of the simple analog as a platform for the final victory, calling, in essence, the citizens to give a potential “present” to it. At the same time, it rang για bells for the attacks that New Democracy will receive on the way to the elections by the forces of populism, launching, in fact, a direct attack on SYRIZA and Alexis Tsipras.

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“We had discussions about the modern identity of the party. It has strong anchors in our values, but the sails are open in the wind of renewal… We are a party in constant motion and we must address a changing society… To expand our potential… Let me tell you Thank you very much for your participation. You make this faction the largest center-right force in Europe. You will put your signature on the victory, in the elections that will take place in twelve months from now. above all σαμε We managed to get 18%, but we returned to 40% precisely because we were renewed, without abandoning our traditional values ​​”, stressed Mr. Mitsotakis.

The Prime Minister set, on the front of the economy, as the next big goals the exit of the country from the regime of enhanced supervision and the investment level in 2023.

“The abolition of the solidarity contribution for all Greeks signals our intention to continue the policy of alleviation… Our active foreign policy will continue… The country will take advantage of the important geostrategic advantage. There is no united society without a country at all times “ready to defend its national sovereignty”, he stressed and added that next Thursday the defense agreement with the USA will be ratified in the House “and everyone will vote with their opinion on how they perceive the country’s alliances…”.

“Populism will play its last card”

Mr. Mitsotakis stated that, as long as the government continues its course, populism will play its last role.

“Do not doubt that this will be a harsher and more vulgar attack. Endangering what the country has achieved. Torpedoing its position in a fluid environment ΣΥ SYRIZA has shown its dispositions. Constructs an image of a supposedly ruined Greece μας Our opponents are looking for a kiss of life in demagogy. “, pointed out.

“It’s easy to say no to everything and yes to nothing. That was and will be their tactic. Led by a leader who does not know how to measure current. He talks about Mitsotakis accounts, because he can not talk about Putin λογαριασ accounts. “Months are coming with false arguments. Our weapons are the results of our policy and our ethos,” he said, always urging executives to stay away from any arrogance.

“The government is rolling up its sleeves and the party is raising the flag of a more dynamic opening in society. Με We were elected with a specific program and we are implementing it step by step… “Mr. Varoufakis in the economy. This will be the image of the comparison in the next confrontation…”, the prime minister stressed.

Invitation for mass participation in the first ballot box of the simple analog

Accusing SYRIZA that “embrace with the Golden Dawn” voted for the simple analog “a system that undermines governance…”, the Prime Minister brought again, as on Friday, to the forefront the autonomous New Democracy which means, as pointed out by an independent Greece .

“Let’s see the ballot box of the simple proportional to the final. The stepping stone for the victorious final straight will be this… A parliamentary one-party government can be the government of all Greeks. We have proved it… ND strengthens its unifying and renewing character. It is the “a progressive party that will converge those who seek stability… We will claim the autonomy for the autonomous Greece that we all need…”, he added.

Source: Capital

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