K. Mitsotakis was informed about the upgrade of the port of Edipsos

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The Port of Edipsos was the first stop of Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis during his visit to northern Evia, to monitor and implement the major reconstruction program of the area affected by last summer’s fires.

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The Prime Minister was informed by the Harbor Master, Lieutenant Commander Sotiris Danikas, and the CEO of the Evia Ports Organization, Charalambos Maniatis, about the transfer of the commercial port to a nearby location and the plan for the development of the coastal front, with the aim of the coastal border.

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“You are really an example to emulate great government officials. So I want to thank you for what you did. Remember how extreme the conditions were. And of course our first obligation is always to protect human life. After property. The natural environment, Unfortunately, we did not manage to protect it here in Evia as we would have liked, but the degree of interest of the state and the coordinated state intervention that is being launched for northern Evia is unprecedented in my opinion. “The future of northern Evia should be built on much better foundations than in the past. So thank you very much”, noted Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

The plan for Edipsos envisages the transfer of the commercial-coastal port further north and the conversion of the existing one into a purely tourist and fishing port. At the same time, a tourist upgrade program is launched in all 10 ports of northern Evia. The opening of the coastal front in the city of Edipsos and important interventions in the infrastructure are also foreseen.

Present at the meeting were the Deputy Minister of Rural Development and Food and MP of Evia of New Democracy, Simos Kedikoglou, and the MPs of Evia of ND Thanassis Zempilis and Spyros Pneumatikos.

Earlier, in his report Dimitris Gatsiou, with Title “In northern Evia K. Mitsotakis – Presents the reconstruction plan of the region“, the Capital.gr stated:

Accompanied by a wide range of government, the prime minister is going to northern Evia this morning, almost four months after the devastating fires that hit the region. And in a meeting that will take place in Istiaia, in which the “present” will be given by local bodies and representatives of the Local Government, in the first line will be the presentation of the plan, which has been prepared by the committee for the reconstruction of northern Evia headed by Beno Cross.

“This is a very specific and structured plan for total reconstruction, which will be the model for a new way of perceiving holistic development, using the institution of integrated spatial investments, so that all the initiatives we undertake are part of a specific plan. which can take advantage of the comparative advantages of each region, and first and foremost to give hope to the people who were tested in northern Evia that it is worth staying in their place and that their children will have a better future than them. ” , had noted Kyriakos Mitsotakis, during a meeting at the Maximos Palace, in mid-November. And the overall restoration of the area, as officials often report, is one of the government’s big bets.

The government has already presented the plan for the elaboration of fourteen studies, which concern the total reconstruction of northern Evia. The specific studies will not cost the Greek state, but are funded by sponsors and are related to:

The elaboration of a comprehensive Master Plan for the reconstruction of the area.

The elaboration of a study of integrated development strategic planning for the “New Forest”.

The elaboration of a study for the creation of an innovation space.

The elaboration of studies for the Digital Wave and the Green Belt.

The elaboration of a study of integrated development strategic planning for culture.

-The strategic study of infrastructure of Evia.

The study of the implementation of the reconstruction of the agri-food sector.

-The study on the social networks of Northern Evia.

-The study on human resources.

-The strategic marketing planning for the promotion of the wider region of Northern Evia.

-The recording of successful international practices in the field of recovery of tourist destinations after natural disasters.

-The elaboration of the Special Urban Plan of the Municipality of Istiaia-Edipsos.

-The elaboration of the Special Urban Plan of the Municipality of Mantoudi-Lake-Agia Anna.

The accompanying specialization study of the overall Master Plan.

According to government officials, the package of support and rehabilitation measures in the area exceeds 200 million euros, the amount of which will increase further as the implementation of support and rehabilitation measures in the fire-affected areas and forests. Among other things, credits amounting to 39.7 million euros have already been included in the Region of Central Greece for large-scale flood protection works and for the repair of infrastructure damage in the areas of Mantoudi-Limni-Agia Anna and Istiaia-Edipsos. At the same time, for the immediate restoration of the damages to infrastructures and networks, but also for the support of immediate needs and interventions, extraordinary financing has been allocated to the local self-government in the total amount of 13.4 million euros “..


Source From: Capital

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