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K. Mitsotakis: We share with Croatia the same principles for a common vision for a secure and prosperous Balkans

Kyriakos Mitsotakis began his remarks shortly after his meeting with Croatian counterpart Andrei Plenkovic, expressing his joy at his presence in Zagreb, wishing the wounds of the devastating earthquakes that had healed Croatia were healed, and saying that “We have experienced similar situations in Greece and we understand the difficulties of such challenges.”

“I thank Andrei for the speed with which he supported Greece in the catastrophic fires in the summer by sending a Canard” said Mr. Mitsotakis and added:

“As partners, we share the same principles with Croatia for a common vision for a secure and prosperous Balkans. Greece has supported Croatia ‘s European integration and we support joining the eurozone, the Schengen area and the OECD. We have opportunities for further economic development. “I’m glad that Greek companies are operating in Croatia. Greece and Croatia are leading countries in growth in 2021. And that allows us to be able to support our economies in the face of rising electricity and gas.”

Source: Capital

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