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K. Notopoulou – N. Pappas: What does Mr. Kikilias intend to do after Ryanair’s announcement?

An answer to the question of what the Minister of Tourism will do after Ryanair’s announcement that it is closing its winter base at “Eleftherios Venizelos”, SYRIZA’s Tourism department head, Katerina Notopoulou and Infrastructure and Transport department head, Nikos Pappas, are asking for an answer.

In a joint statement they state in particular that “Ryanair’s announcement that it is closing its winter base in Eleftherios Venizelos is cause for concern. Especially after two and a half years of the pandemic, which left a heavy mark on Greek tourism, transport and the economy as a whole”. They add that “while the Ministry of Tourism claims that it has plans to extend the season, we expect the Mitsotakis government and more specifically Mr. Kikilia to answer clearly” to the following: “What will they do after this development and who is the planning but also the specific actions they will take so that our country does not lose a significant number of visitors now and in the future? How will they ensure the smooth continuation of transport?”.

“We are waiting for answers”, report K. Notopoulou and N. Pappas.

Source: Capital

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