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K. Pierrakakis: The report for the three years at the Ministry of Digital Governance

K. Pierrakakis: The report for the three years at the Ministry of Digital Governance

“By implementing our strategy, we are bringing Greece into the digital age. Three years of the Ministry of Digital Governance – three years of the citizen at the center”, says the Minister of State and Digital Governance Kyriakos Pierrakakis with his post on social networks about the work achieved in the three years in the ministry.

As noted in the video:

“Within three years:

Digital transactions increased from 8.8 million in 2018 to 567 million in 2021. Over 200 million documents have been issued digitally through gov.gr and each citizen avoided an average of more than 60 queues per year

We created gov.gr:

– A unique digital point of contact between the citizen and the state

– We increased digital services from 501 to more than 1,400

– And we digitized the most frequent interactions of the citizen with the State

We made the state more citizen-friendly:

– We simplified the procedures around life events such as birth declaration.

– We facilitated the automatic exchange of data between registries only with the consent of the citizen.

We upgraded telecommunications:

– Greece is one of the first three countries in the EU to complete the 5G spectrum auction.

– We accelerate the transition of households and businesses to fiber optics.

We implemented emvolio.gov.gr:

– We designed a fully digital vaccination system.

– Greece was one of the first countries in Europe to establish digital covid certificates.

We upgraded the Health procedures:

– We enabled immaterial prescribing and created the MyHealth app.

– We are digitally enhancing the free screening programs.

– We resolved outstanding issues:

– We delivered 112 in full operation within six months.

– We accelerated the land registration process.

We thought innovatively:

– We created the “Faistos Fund” to strengthen 5G innovation ecosystems.

– We are implementing the “Smart Cities” program in all the Municipalities of the country.

We created the conditions for the transition to a digital Greece:

– We set the country in motion,

– We are creating a modern and functional state,

– We prove every day that Greece is a reformable country.

– Three years the citizen at the center”

Source: Capital



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