K. Pierrrakakis: On Friday we will present MITOS

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“The great challenge of the Ministry of Digital Government is MITOS, in which all Government procedures will be recorded, so that citizens will know in advance where to go for a service they want to be provided, what supporting documents they need to provide and which steps must be followed”.

This was characteristically stated by the Minister of Digital Governance, Kyriakos Pierrakakis in the context of the 26th annual Economist conference.

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In particular, the minister emphasized that this Friday the project “MITOS” will be presented. “We wanted to quantify the exact range of processes for any citizen’s life event to get a sense of what is digital or not.”

In the meantime, the minister announced that around July 27, Greek citizens, through an application, will be able to “carry” their police ID and driver’s license on their mobile phone.

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“I think this is very interesting, they won’t have to carry their identity any more,” he said, speaking of the end of an era and the beginning of a new one.

Regarding the decisive role of the pandemic in the country’s digital transition, Mr. Pierrakakis emphasized that “after every pandemic, after two or three years, there are some social norms that remain as social policies”.

The minister talked about the government’s strategy which will be both environmentally friendly and aimed at strengthening the citizens, while he talked about the great response and rapid rise of the Single Digital Portal, gov.gr, with which Greeks are becoming very familiar more because of the conditions than if the pandemic had not existed.

Mr. Pierrakakis underlined that Covid acted as an accelerator, however, the strategy and initiatives had been planned since 2019 saying characteristically that even without the pandemic the development and course would have been similar with the difference that “with Covid we worked extra as it happened with the vaccination program”.

Finally, he emphasized that 1400 services have been simplified and digitized, while initially “we started with 501 services” and reiterated that the financial tool from the Recovery Fund allows our country to carry out not only the necessary but also the desired projects.

Source: Capital

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