K. Sardis (Energean): Incentives to make hydrogen competitive

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The need to establish incentives at the European level that will make hydrogen competitive with natural gas was pointed out by Dr. Katerina Sardis, Managing Director and Country Manager of Energean in Greece. Speaking at a conference of DESFA and the University of Piraeus on the topic “Creating the hydrogen chain in Greece”, Ms. Sardis said that, contrary to what had happened with the attempt to penetrate RES into the energy mix, today all kinds of economic and financial incentives for hydrogen are very limited or even non-existent. As a result, hydrogen, renewable or with a lower carbon footprint, remains uncompetitive with natural gas, which it is called upon to replace on a wider scale.

Ms. Sardis also emphasized that in the effort to create a hydrogen market in our country, maximalist and unattainable goals should be avoided, but also successfully addressed issues such as:

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-avoiding the creation of new significant import dependencies
-ensuring the supply of the required natural resources, such as water
– the development and operation of certificates of origin harmonized within the internal market
– securing the resources for the huge investments needed both in the network sector and in production

Ms. Sardis said that Energean has designed an ecological hydrogen production unit (EcoH2) in Prinos, which, combined with the CO2 storage unit, will operate with an almost zero environmental footprint, as over 99% of CO2 emissions will be stored. for an investment in the order of 160 million euros, which in full development will be able to provide about 150 tons per day, i.e. about 3% of the equivalent natural gas consumption of the country for 2021″, characteristically pointed out Ms. Sardis.

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Energean has submitted a proposal to include the ecological hydrogen production unit project in the Important Projects of Common European Interest (IPCEI).

Source: Capital

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