K. Skrekas for electricity bills: The subsidy will be shown in the next statement

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The Minister of Energy and Environment, Costas Skrekas clarified (ANT1) that the subsidy in the PPC accounts will start to appear in the next clearing accounts which will start to be issued from the end of November.

The subsidy will amount to a consumption of 300Kw per month, at 9 euros in September, at 19 for October and at 39 for the months of November and December.

The adjustment clause that consumers with an average consumption of 300Kw per month will have to pay will be 45 euros, so the state subsidy will cover most of the charge.

Mr. Skrekas assured that if the increased prices for electricity continue, the Government will continue to subsidize consumers, but it is not possible to cover the entire amount of the consumer burden.

Part of the charge for those households that consume more than 300 kw per month, has been announced that it will be covered by PPC, while something similar has been requested by the other providers.

Finally, among other things, Mr. Skrekas announced that in the coming days there will be a 5-digit emergency number which can be used by vulnerable households in the event of a power outage due to debts, in order to make an immediate reconnection.


Source From: Capital

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