K. Skrekas: We are shielding the society from the energy crisis with the agreement in Brussels

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“With the new mechanism that will be implemented in the Greek wholesale electricity market from July, we support consumers and shield the society that is being tested, with an effective safety net, against the explosive dimension of the unprecedented energy crisis.”

This was emphasized by the Minister of Environment and Energy, Costas Skrekas, on the occasion of the discussion in the competent committees of the climate law, commenting on the results of yesterday’s important, as he characterized it, cooperation in Brussels, to create a consumer support mechanism, with the Secretary General Of Energy and Mineral Raw Materials, Alexandra Sdoukou and the General Manager of Energy, Ditte Juul Jorgensen.

“We set a ceiling on the fees of electricity generation units based on their real production costs while we achieve the decoupling of high gas prices with electricity prices to consumers, while in the background comes the imposition of a ceiling on retail prices, with the additional subsidy “, underlined the Minister of Environment and Energy.

For his part rapporteur of SYRIZASocrates Famelos, characterized the negotiation of the ND government with the European Commission for Energy as unsuccessful, emphasizing, among other things, that our country did not achieve anything and mainly did not win the independence of the wholesale price of suppliers. resilience of households and businesses.

The elaboration of the bill of the Ministry of Environment “National climate law transition to climate neutrality and adaptation to climate change”, was completed in second reading in the competent committees of the Parliament and tomorrow will begin its debate in plenary, which will conclude with Thursday, May 26, with its vote.

ND was in favor of the beginning of the new national climate law, while from the side of the opposition parties, both SYRIZA and PASOK-KINAL reserved their place in the Plenary Session, while the KKE, EL.LY and MERA25 stated that they were voting against.

The Minister of Environment and Energy rejected the opposition’s accusations about a “fragmentary, draft and dangerous bill, without realistic goals”, accusing it of “limiting itself to a negative criticism without submitting specific proposals”.

“We tabled a very ambitious bill with realistic goals and measurable results to address both the energy crisis and the country’s energy self-sufficiency. But I heard little from the opposition, whose criticism focused on two or three of its 37 articles in total. You did not say whether or not you finally agree on the abolition of burners or the green islands in order to support the most remote and degraded, other provisions of the new national climate law that help both the country’s energy self-sufficiency and protection. of the environment and in dealing with the energy crisis “, Mr. Skrekas emphasized characteristically.

Mr. Skrekas also claimed that the ND government tripled the number of RES connections to energy, noting that “if SYRIZA proceeded at the same pace, the country would now have saved more than one billion from not importing natural gas.” .

“Our main priority is the energy security of the country and the support of the vulnerable social groups that are being tested, while our medium-term goal is to reduce the use of natural gas through greater penetration of RES and through energy savings. It is, therefore, ambitious “A bill that sets principles, shows the goals and includes the way we will achieve them”, concluded Mr. Skrekas.

For his part, the general rapporteur of SYRIZA, Socrates Famelos, argued that “the bill with fragmentary, sketchy, irrelevant and dangerous provisions degrades and devalues ​​such a serious issue of climate change.”

“The legislative initiative of the ND government comes to close communication wounds without documenting the consequences, with temporary and dangerous provisions – fireworks, serving not the society but the energy cartels”, Mr. Famelos supported.

THE PASOK-KINAL special spokesman, George Arvanitidis, spoke of a bill below the climatic conditions. “It is an atherosclerotic bill, which makes a cowardly start and does not holistically address the problem by creating climate frustration, has a blank policy shell while the participation of society and local government is absent. It is another missed opportunity for the country, it is a law below climate circumstances “, said Mr. Arvanitidis.

“It is another bill to the detriment of the masses and in favor of large business groups,” she said. special spokeswoman for the KKEDiamanto Manolakou and criticized the government that “not only does not protect the environment but also does not ensure the country’s energy independence by intensifying the commercialization of energy.”

He opposed the bill the special speaker of the Greek Solution, Vassilis Viliardos, talking about “meaningless bureaucratic procedures, deliberate ambiguities, funny arguments, unrealized goals and unsustainable and socially just development of the country”. “You are setting up a party of oligarchs, destroying the domestic electricity production and burdening the backs of the citizens with the cost of the supposedly fair climate change”, said Mr. Billiardos.

THE special speaker of MERA25, George Logiadis, spoke of “a bill, draft, full of ambiguities, inapplicable and ineffective.” “There is no mention of the cost of climate change, which will be paid by citizens and confident customers will be specific energy companies. We say yes to the transition to a friendlier environment but with cheaper energy. The government sets unrealistic targets and legislates “with complete sloppiness for purely communicative reasons”, Mr. Logiadis argued while concluding by noting that “independent capitalism destroys the environment”.

It should be noted that ND MP Manousos Voloudakis expressed reservations about the effectiveness of some provisions, focusing mainly on de-ligation.

“We are in a hurry to close lignite plants. The de-lignification must have a different approach and be linked to the real penetration of RES and the ability to store their energy. It takes time, because the cost will be very high. It is not only war but also “Europe’s green transition policy that has increased the price of gas and we must have open lignite options to be safe. Why should we close the Ptolemaida plant together with the other factories so much?” “In order for climate change to be effective, there must be the participation of society. We need to show the care of the state so that citizens do not perceive it as an additional cost in their daily lives,” concluded Mr. Voloudakis.

THE general rapporteur of NDChristoforos Boutsikakis, stressed that “for the first time in our country, a national climate law is being created with a purely environmental sign, clear and realistic development goals with measurable results”.

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Source: Capital

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