Kaliningrad Governor: Proposed total ban on transit of goods between Baltic states and Russia

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The governor of Russia’s Kaliningrad region proposed today a total ban on transit of goods between the three Baltic states and Russia, in response to Lithuania’s “blockade” of the enclave.

“As a countermeasure we propose a complete ban on the transit of goods (including those passing through third countries) between the three Baltic countries and Russia,” said Anton Alikhanov.

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Earlier today, Lithuania extended restrictions on the passage through its territory of products from Russia bound for Kaliningrad.

As of today, goods such as timber, alcohol, alcohol-based chemicals and cement are prohibited from transiting through Lithuanian territory, a representative of the Lithuanian customs service announced.

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Moscow warned Lithuania and the EU on Friday that it would take “tough measures” against them if transit of some goods to and from Kaliningrad was not restored “within the next few days”.

The Russian enclave borders Lithuania and Poland – NATO and EU members – and relies on transit through Lithuania for most of the goods it receives from Russia. Lithuania has banned the transit of goods to and from this enclave of the Baltic, citing EU sanctions. Russia has vowed to retaliate.


Source: Capital

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