Kalush Orchestra, from Eurovision to Ukraine: “Our culture must survive”

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The last interview in Italybefore returning to Ukraine. There Kalush Orchestraback from the triumph atEurovision Song Contest with the song Stefaniawas a guest at What’s the weather like, telling the important symbolic value of their success at the Pala Olimpico and projects of the band inimmediate future. “We invite those who have not yet done so to see the video clip of the song: shows our country as it is today. We could not have done otherwise ».

It was in fact shot in Borodyanka, Irpin, Bucha And Gostomelbattered city of conflict with the Russians. «In these days we have passed a long time to try, we got tired, but our goal was make our culture known: they want to kill her, but it must survive», Underlined the frontman Oleh Psjukwho was photographed greeting his girlfriend with a tender kiss Oleksandra under his hotel, a Turinbefore getting into a taxi.

“We had a temporary permit to get out of Ukraine, we will now return to dealing with our activities», The singer explained to Fazio. “I will return to take care of thevolunteer organization that I founded and that helps people find accommodation, medicines or getting around. Every Ukrainian right now has a priority: to help and share what he can with others. We have one chat telegram where everyone can write what they need ».

Finally, thanks to the president Volodymyr Zelensky, who supported them during the race and yes it is congratulated with them after the victory. «For us it was strong motivationSaid the members of the Kalush Orchestrawhich takes its name from a town of the same name at the foot of the Carpathians. “We currently hear four times a day the anti-aircraft alarm, not so much compared to other regions. As soon as the sirens sound, we immediately run to the shelters“.

“My mother Stefania (to whom the song is dedicated) era Very worried for Eurovision “, concluded Psyuk,” because the whole country is stayed awake until 3 am. Today she went to work, she works as a shop assistant, is fine“. Finally a message of hope e an appeal to Ukrainians living in Italy: «We dream of the day there will be peace again and we will no longer see the missiles hitting homes. You don’t forget Ukraine, our roots“.

“Hold tight together.”

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Source: Vanity Fair

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