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Kanoe, what’s behind the most expensive Japanese restaurant in the country

In the house with a dark facade in the Jardins neighborhood, without any sign, there is the Kanoe . The full address is only sent to visitors on the day of booking and a request is made: please do not share the location on your social media.

Why this mystery? Perhaps for any unsuspecting person to ring the bell and be upset about not getting a seat at the eight-seat counter that – even at the value of R$ 1,000 (one thousand reais, without drinks and service) per person – reservations are filled until January 2024.

The fact is that when passing through the steel door, in the right corner of the black facade, after scanning the QR Code received to unlock it, a world of light walls, light and cinematic welcomes customers to a omakase where the main order is: enjoy every moment without rushing and allow yourself to feel the evolution of shari (sushi rice) throughout the menu. Here, we take the liberty of completing: allow yourself to appreciate each piece of sushi placed in front of you as if they were true precious jewels, observe the precise and delicate cut of each fish, taste the soy sauce with a smooth blend made in-house and live the experience in each detail.

Kanoe Rice

About “no rush”, it’s really no rush. Unlike most other counters in the city, at Kanoe only one time is scheduled per night always at 7pm, and the 18-course menu begins to be served promptly at 7:30pm, but at a pace that depends more on the diners around the counter than on the house’s eagerness for new faces to occupy the chairs.

The person behind the restaurant is a famous name in the Japanese gastronomic scene: Tadashi Shiraishi , who has more than 20 years of experience and has great achievements on his resume, such as having revolutionized Kinoshita’s kitchen; commanded Nobu units in several countries; and having founded the award-winning Hiden, in Miami, in 2018.

Back in Brazil and alongside his life and business partner Patricia Bianco founded the group Omotebako Hospitality, which is the combination of Omotenashi: hospitality and Bako: cashier in Japanese.

The company was born during the pandemic with the mission of bringing Japanese hospitality to people’s homes, hence the combination with the word cash. Success was immediate, including the Omotebako Take Away is still in operation – costs from R$250 (14 pieces) – but requires orders placed in advance. In addition to the restaurant and delivery, the company also takes groups to Japan with one focus: eating at the best discoveries and seeing up close the Japanese hospitality that they preach so much in their business.

The Kanoe Experience

The Kanoe experience begins with the message received via WhatsApp at the time of booking with questions such as: are you right-handed or left-handed? What water profile do you prefer (still or sparkling)? Do you have any serious allergies or dietary restrictions?

Then, on the day of the visit, a new message is received with the full address accompanied by some guidelines, such as the importance of punctuality and that, if it does not arrive by 7:20 pm, the reservation will be automatically canceled, with no possibility of refund or change; the tip of taking a taxi, Uber or private driver, as there is no valet or parking agreement in the region (spoiler: if you are not part of the team that consumes alcohol, it is easy to get a space on the street); it is not possible to accommodate restrictions or allergies that have not been previously informed and they do not make sushi without wasabi, without rice or any modifications to the menu; They are a speakeasy and sharing the address/location on social media is strictly prohibited.

With all the information in hand and the QR Code received to open the door, get ready, the adventure begins! A tasty and impeccable adventure through the art of Japanese hospitality and through pieces of sushi and dishes that explode with flavors.

Source: CNN Brasil

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