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Kaspersky allows turning off ALL smartphones in Russia. Told what they will replace

The chairman of the board of the Association of Software Developers “Domestic Software” Natalya Kasperskaya said in an interview with the Zvezda channel during the Army-2022 forum that all smartphones in Russia (both iOS and Android-based) can hypothetically be turned off.

This opinion was voiced in continuation of the discussion of the topic that foreign technologies were being introduced everywhere in the country – according to Ms. Kaspersky, this has been happening for almost 30 years. She emphasized that in Russia a whole generation of IT specialists grew up on foreign technologies.

At the same time, the chairman of the Association of Domestic Software Developers said that the Russians will be able to cope with this problem:

We will survive, because in most cases this is something that can be reused: you can go to a laptop, to regular mail, back to a push-button phone. This is not something that will completely destroy the infrastructure of the Russian Federation.

Source: Trash Box

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