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Kate Hudson says she took “a year off” from men at the request of a therapist

The actress Kate Hudson revealed that she had already taken “a year off” without having relationships with men after suggestion from your therapist . “I couldn't flirt or anything, but it was great,” she recalled.

“I was at a stage where I didn’t want to keep repeating some patterns,” explained the actress — and now singer — in an interview with the podcast Call Her Daddy. “And I had a great therapist who was like, 'I can help you, but you need to do this.'”

“It was weirdly empowering,” Hudson recalled, adding that he was “pretty uncomfortable” with the idea for the first few months.

“And then I had an epiphany, which was very emotional. And I don't think that would be possible if I was distracted by other things,” she said.

“Within six months, I didn't care about my cell phone anymore, when I went out with my friends I didn't think about whether someone would be there or not. I no longer had any desire to do anything that would potentially turn into flirting,” she stated.

More than a year later, when she received “permission” from her therapist to start flirting again, Hudson said she no longer even remembered how to do it, and that this process changed the way she interacts with men.

“I no longer had the same attachment to it, I had left. The same void no longer existed”, explained the actress.

Source: CNN Brasil

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