Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle, different paths (but the same determination)

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They have passed about three years since the British tabloids started talking about turned on tensions in the Windsor house. Specifically, the differences between Kate Middleton e Meghan Markle: «From the royal wedding dei Sussex, the relationship between the duchesses began crumbleThe court biographers reported. “The two women, who had gone until then of love and agreement, it is as if they had embarked on it distinct roads».

Paths that, step by step, they have led them – or rather, they are leading them – towards theirs life goals. That they were very different it was clear almost immediately: today, however, those differences still exist more evident, emerge with ever greater force at each going out in public. On the one hand, the future queen consort, with her own institutional sobriety, on the other, the former American actress, divided between politics and red carpet.

In the last few hours, yet another demonstration. Kate showed up at the Imperial War Museum of London to inaugurate two galleries on the Second World War, he also visited the photo exhibition Generations: Portraits of Holocaust Survivors, to which he contributed with two portraits. Meghan, on the other hand, participated in a debate of the New York Times and spoke of the need to establish in the US paid parental leave.

“It’s not about politics, it is a humanitarian issueThe Duchess affirmed, defending herself from allegations of interference. “If I see something wrong, I say it. I write a letter or make a phone call, I behave like this since I was a child”. Affirmations that tell one marked determination to achieve their goal, which is perhaps the element that most unites the sisters-in-law: application, analysis and implementation.

Their behaviors, their claims, even their looks are adhering to the role that they will cover. And that’s in their head it is already clear: Kate will accompany William in the ascent to the throne, this is certain; Meghan will continue to fight for the causes it deems right by trying to amplify as much as possible His voice. Maybe through a sparkling gala, like the one he just participated in, or from White House.

Yes, because many royal observers think the Duchess of Sussex points to an important role in American politics and have them all the papers in order to dream big. On the other side is Kate, strict, who follows the protocols and study as a queen. Maybe one day – not too far away – the two women will meet again at a I agree to state, both at the top, to discuss fundamental themes. Different, but not that much.

Why to combine them, in addition to the memory poppy that these days they both wear on their jackets, has always been there the determination.


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