Kate Middleton and William in Jamaica: the dukes as bongos players

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The Jamaican stop of the Royal Caribbean tour of Kate Middleton And William of England began amidst controversy. Just as it had been in Belize, where a village protested against the “colonizers”, too in Jamaica there are those who have shown disappointment at the presence of dukes. A group of intellectuals and politicians, just on the eve of the Cambridge arrival, wrote an open letter in which they ask the monarchy to repair (not only in words) the crimes of colonialism. “Princesses and princes belong to fairy tales, not to Jamaica,” reads the letter in which Kate and William are accused, albeit indirectly, of be responsible for the crimes of their ancestorsbecause today they benefit from what those ancestors built.

Despite the protests the program of the Dukes of Cambridge has not undergone any changes, as it had been in Belize. Kate and William, as expected, made a stop in Trench Town, the city where reggae music was born and where he lived Bob Marley (which mentions it in No Woman, No Cry). There they visited two Jamaican Premier League soccer teams, Arnett Gardens and Boys’ Town, and met some soccer stars including Leon Bailey: a joy for William as the forward plays for his favorite team, Aston Villa. During the visit the prince also showed off his ball skills, playing a short game while Kate cheered him on from the sidelines.

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The dukes then have met Jamaica’s national bobsled team, having fun trying a bobsled. Then they headed to the Trench Town Culture Yard Museum, which it once was Bob Marley’s house. During the visit they posed in front of a statue of Marley and then, among many others laughsthey also have played the bongossurrounded by local musicians.

The photos taken at the Cambridge during the day (see gallery below) show only moments of cheerfulness and lightheartedness. A real source, however, told al Daily Mail that William was aware that he would face protests on his Caribbean journey. And she doesn’t intend to pretend nothing has happened. It is thought that you tonight, during a dinner with the governor general of Jamaica, he will speak precisely of colonialism, with its ugliness and its crimes.

Source: Vanity Fair

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