Kate Middleton and William, who remained very far from Rose Hanbury during the coronation

Kate Middleton and William, who remained very far from Rose Hanbury during the coronation

Gaze lost in space, pursed lips and black veil on her face: Rose Hanbury didn’t seem over the moon during the coronation ceremony of King Charles III at Westminster Abbey. There were those who swore that she would not show up, since since 2019, rumors of William’s alleged cheating have been circulating with the Marchioness of Cholmondeley, a 39-year-old former model.

Kate’s alleged rival has been married for almost 15 years to the Marquis, who represents one of the key figures in Charles’s monarchy. Unthinkable that the aristocrat did not attend the ceremony, however their son Oliver is one of the page boys who, with Prince George, held the king’s cloak during his walk down the aisle of the church.

During the festivities though the Marchioness and the Prince of Wales avoided each other all the while, or at least that’s what the British press noticed and didn’t take their eyes off her. At the ceremony, the marquise chose a black and white dress, just like Kate the day before, but she should know that emulation is never a good strategy, in any field.

In church she was always noticed next to her husband, behind the choir of Westminster Abbey, secluded and discreet, as the role required.

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Those who thought that his mere presence would spoil Kate’s good mood were disappointed: the princess of Wales she presented herself as a Sphinx, an unattainable figure, sometimes mysterious and sometimes dangerous. Front row, she really did the Crown credit with husband and children proving that the next generation of rulers already has everything under control.

Meanwhile, Rose’s story remains intertwined with that of the royal family because her grandmother, Lady Elizabeth Lambart, was one of the bridesmaids at Queen Elizabeth’s wedding. Once she became marquise, she became friends with Kate, until in 2019 the relationship fell apart and Kate herself would have asked her husband to remove her.

He certainly does not want what happened with Camilla to be repeated, who has always been present in the marriage between Charles and Diana, and has now ascended the throne. Circumstances are totally different, but precaution is never too much and Kate knows her way around. He is now one step away from the crown and the wait certainly won’t be 70 years long – making two calculations – so Kate really can’t afford to let anyone in her home get distracted, from little Louis to the future King William.

He stemmed his American ex-actress sister-in-law, he can very well keep “a rival” at bay.

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