Kate Middleton in mourning, goodbye to the woman who prepared her for motherhood

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Sad day in the house Cambridge. According to the news coming from the Great Britain, in fact, she died at 74 Christine Hill, the famous prenatal guru that he has prepared Kate Middleton at the maternity. Waiting for first sonin fact, the Duchess and her husband William they turned to the expert to receive valuable advice, so much so that they visited his home, ad West London, twice.

We will miss him very much “says a spokesman for the Hill family, speaking to the Daily Mail. “His attitude exuberant, fun and direct it has made her many friends. ‘ Among these, in fact, the heir to the throne and the future queen consort: between the spring and summer of 2013 they treasured the tips of Christine, who was therefore for them a figure of crucial.


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Obviously it is not known what he said at the Cambridge during meeting sessions, for sure, however, Kate does drew strength to bring it to the bottom in the best possible way not an easy pregnancy: waiting for baby Georgein fact, he suffered from a strong form of hyperemesis gravidarum, that is bouts of morning sickness and episodes of vomiting that even forced her to hospitalization.

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Not only. «To lay after childbirth? It was slightly terrifying», The Duchess told a Happy Mum, Happy Baby. “William and I both knew that the arrival of a royal baby it was something everyone was about excitedwe are grateful for the huge support that we have received from people. At the same time, however, we had a baby, we were inexperienced parentswith uncertainty of what it meant “.

“So there were emotions contrastingKate added. «Besides, the birth of a son it changes your life much more than you think. It took us some time to settle down and recover, but this is beauty ». Everything, in fact, it went well, just as Christine assumed. ‘The Cambridge will be a team of parents very strong, ”he said to Telegraph. «I am sure that they will help each other“.

A premonition confirmed from the facts.

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