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Kate Middleton, in total green and the homage to Elizabeth II and Lady Diana for her official portrait

But the precious touch, which also carries within itself a concrete gesture of homage, comes from the jewels. If the pendants and the pearl bracelet belonged to the deceased mother-in-law Lady Diana (the earrings were a wedding gift), the diamond and pearl brooch – the Queen’s Duchess of Cambridge pearl brooch – is from Queen Elizabeth II. The precious name refers to its previous owner, Princess Augusta of Hesse-Kessel, who assumed the title of Duchess of Cambridge when she married, in 1818, the then Duke of Cambridge, Prince Adolphus. The brooch was then inherited by the current sovereign who has worn it several times over the years.

Queen Elizabeth with the pearl and diamond brooch

Tim Graham / Getty Images

Important jewels, full of meaning, which want to represent the belonging and at the same time the natural continuation of the Windsor dynasty, but at the same time be a demonstration of affection for two fundamental women for the Dukes of Cambridge.

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Source: Vanity Fair

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