Kate Middleton, more fashion influencer than her there is none

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It was certainly not the lockdowns, the half-length shots and the outfits with a casual look in a videocall that curbed the fashion power of Kate Middleton. According to what reported by DailyMail, in fact, the Duchess of Cambridge is at the top of the ranking – compiled by LovetheSales.com – of the UK’s most popular fashion influencers in 2020.

A first place (of which we are not surprised) earned through chic looks and other more comfy for the days within the walls of Kensington Palace, but also facilitated by the storm Megxit which fell on the royal family at the beginning of the year. Meghan Markle’s slow and gradual disappearance from the public stage which this year slips to third place in the standings -, in fact, it is paid an ever more incisive rise for Kate and for her perfect outfits and inevitably suitable for various occasions.

First of all the spring dress with designer puff sleeves Faithfull worn by William’s wife during a visit to Nook Hospital last June. According to LovetheSales.com, research from the floral dress after being worn by the Duchess would have registered a dizzying surge unleashing an unstoppable once again Kate effect.

«The dress sold out in less than 24 hours and searches for floral dresses increased by 158% in the following days with an overall increase of 112% from 2019 to 2020 “, stylist Jessie Stein tells DailyMail. «Kate’s more casual looks have been so successful that Nine out of 10 of her dresses sold out in 2020 as the British try to emulate the royal wardrobe. Searches for cardigans increased 67% after the Duchess wore one to a Zoom talk this summer … and after Kate wore a checkered outerwear to visit the University of Derby in the fall, searches for the same item increased by 32%.

Numbers and percentages that make fashion houses rejoice and that confirm the undeniable and timeless power of the Duchess. But not only Kate live fans and fashion enthusiasts. Immediately after the newly proclaimed “fashion queen” of the most difficult and homely year ever, we find Holly Willoughby, closely followed by Meghan Markle that after flying to the States seems to have lost some popularity in England. Two garments sported in 2020 that recorded some sales peaks: a pair of khaki joggers (with a 74% increase in searches) and the denim shirt (46%) chosen by Harry’s wife for a Save video the Children. The departure from the royal house and from the limelight seems to have also reflected on his looks, certainly more casual and practical, which however have had less resonance than usual. But after all, wasn’t that what he wanted?

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