Kate Middleton: The new “rock” of the royal family after the death of Prince Philip

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“It became clear at the funeral of Prince Philip that the future of the royal family is secure – with Kate as their new rock. Perfectly dressed and elegant with pearls, she looked like a regent waiting. “

This is the beginning of the publication of the British Sun about the Duchess of Cambridge and wife of Prince William, who stole the show at the funeral of Queen Elizabeth’s 73-year-old wife last week.

The post deifies the Kate Middleton, emphasizing that by the way he brought brothers William and Harry together, he showed that she has the qualities of a queen. “She never deviated from her role of supporting her husband,” whom she married about 10 years ago.

At the end of last Saturday’s moving ceremony, Kate comforted her visibly upset father-in-law, 73-year-old Prince Charles, with a kiss on the cheek and a caress of consolation on his shoulder.

Moments later, Kate takes on the role of peacemaker between 38-year-old William and 36-year-old Harry.

In the months and years to come, the Sun notes, the 39-year-old duchess will be the person that not only Charles, but also the queen and the entire royal family, will support after the loss of Prince Philip.

William’s biographer Brian Hoey said: “Thank God for Kate – it is the rock on which the monarchy will rest. On Saturday, he behaved absolutely flawlessly. “

Experts agree that in many ways Kate resembles the queen mother – a devoted mother who fully supported her husband George VI, both in the crisis that erupted with the ouster of her brother from the throne and during World War II.

Hoey also notes that “the queen mother had star quality, something that Kate has in abundance. But unlike her, the Duchess has the ability, like Princess Diana, to get along with people of all backgrounds and social backgrounds. “She will be the perfect queen for William when he becomes king.”

Embarrassed Harry and Kate’s intervention

There were times during the ceremony on Saturday at St George’s Chapel in Windsor that Prince Harry looked embarrassed as he sat alone, socially isolated from his relatives.

Princess Anna, Sophie Wessex and Prince Edward’s husband did not greet him once. After all, they still remember the controversial interview between him and his wife Megan Markle at the Winfrey Opera House, which caused an earthquake in the palace.

Expert on royal family affairs Ingrid Seward comments: “After what Megan said at the Oprah about the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate would have every right to avoid Harry as well.

She just has such beautiful ways – as Carol’s mother taught her – and when she sees an awkward situation, she intervenes. That’s why he talked to Harry. “

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