Kate Middleton, the “rival” Marquise Rose Hanbury officially enters the Court

Kate Middleton, the “rival” Marquise Rose Hanbury officially enters the Court

The Marquess of Cholmondeley62, has just been promoted to Lord-in-Waiting (a position similar to that of lady-in-waiting, but in the masculine) of King Charles III. A piece of news that would have gone almost unnoticed if it weren’t for one detail: the Marquis’s wife is Rose Hanburyformer model, considered the “rival” in love of Kate Middleton. Rose came into the spotlight in March 2019, when the British tabloids – at the time Kate was pregnant with third child Louis – they talked about one affair between the marquise and William of England. There is no concrete evidence of the alleged extra-marital affair. But at the time it was rumored that the beautiful marquise, younger than her husband by 23 years, she was pretty fed up with her marriage. And that for this she had approached the prince, who had fallen into her net.

According to the British tabloids, the two couples, neighbors in Anmer Hall, in the Northfolk countryside, once met with some assiduity. AND Kate and Rose were very good friends. A’friendship over, always listening to rumors, for matters of the heart (and horns). At the time a journalist from the Daily Mail arrived at Houghton Hall, the home of the Hanbury family, and rang the bell, but was rejected with a dry “no comment”. Soon after royal sources threatened the “recourse to legal proceedings”And the talk died down. A few days later Rose reappeared, dressed in white, at court: to be precise at the dinner in honor of Trump at Buckingham Palace. Of course, Kate and William were also present.

Rose hasn’t been heard of since. But now her husband – who had lost the role of Lord Great Chamberlain after Queen Elizabeth’s death – has been promoted to Lord-in-Waiting. A appointment that officially opens the doors of the Palace to his wife. From today onwards, the Marquise will wear a central role in the life of King Charles and the Queen Camillawho is said to have given her a preferential treatment for the day ofcoronationon May 6th. Not only that: the Marquis of Cholmondeley will be invited to participate in important state and royal receptions and will represent, when necessary, his Majesty. So Middleton will have to meet very often the “rival” Rose that she seemed to have deleted from her life. A situation that according to the British press she doesn’t like one bit. Is that risks creating tensions with her husband William.

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