Kate Middleton, the tender embrace of Prince Charles on the James Bond red carpet

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A tender hug to confirm the particular relationship that has been created between the two. Last night during the red carpet of the premiere of 007 – No Time to die those present could not fail to notice the closeness between Kate Middleton and Prince Charles of England.

At the presentation evening of the last effort of Daniel Craig in the role of the most famous spy in the world, were present the English royals, William and Kate, Carlo and Camilla. And Kate, who wore a gold dress from British designer Jenny Packham, was seen greeting Prince Charles with a kiss on the cheek and a hug.

On the other hand, the Duchess of Cambridge, over time, became for Carlo the daughter he never had. And she returns his affection calling him in confidence “Grand Pa”, grandfather, probably borrowing the nickname from his three children George, Charlotte and Louis, who they call the future king of England “grandfather Wales”. Also last June, on the occasion of the G7 which was held in Cornwall, according to lip-reading experts, Kate had said to him smiling when she met Carlo: “Hi grandpa, how are you?», Confirming the solid relationship created by the Duchess with her father-in-law.

As the well-informed Australian online tabloid revealed Now To Love, the link between the two has recently strengthened. Because Kate was very close to the future sovereign of England in a very difficult period for him: the separation from son Harry, flew to the United States with his wife Meghan, gli Sussex attacks on the royal family, the death of the beloved father Filippo and, more recently, the resignation of his most trusted aide, Michael Fawcett, which would sell royal honors for money. “Carlo is incredibly alone,” explained a source to Now To Love. «He suffers a lot from the changes of the past year. To his surprise, however, this series of unfortunate events brought him closer to Kate, which was a real rock not only for William, but also for the heir to the throne ». Carlo, added the source, «has always loved Kate’s company, but lately he finds himself calling her just to chat and ask about the children. She gives him serenity, gives him the sense of normality to which he aspires ».

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