Kate Middleton version 2022: the first time with natural wave hair

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Loose hair, naturally wavy, almost wrinkled, very casual and not styled with a styling tool. In the three shots by Paolo Roversi for his 40 years, a new one appears Kate Middleton, with no elaborate or overly constructed hairstyle.

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The elegantly cold tones of the portraits give the Duchess an ethereal, at times impalpable air, which almost seems to “screech” with that sense of naturalness given by a joyful close-up and a free hair, enlivened by soft waves that smell of a day at the sea. Light waves, almost wild which, at least for a while, store semi-crops in order, refined and composed crops, ordered foliage bouncy work with a hairdryer and a brush that William of England’s wife has accustomed us to so far.

A fresh, relaxed, contemporary image emerges from Roversi’s lens, which in its refinement and study condenses the beauty of naturalness and the flavor of freedom, but always with that due respect for tradition which the Duchess never shirks. . A game of weights and measures that Kate has now learned to manage without ever being too much or too little, constantly finding himself at the center of a match between past and future, between real responsibility and common origins, between ancient dictates and a desire for renewal which, no one knows how, always manages to win.

It’s clear. Now only the crown is missing.

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