Kate Middleton, William and children spent a week at Balmoral with the queen

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William e Kate Middleton, with three children George, Charlotte e Louis, they spent a week’s vacation in Balmoral, the summer estate of Elizabeth II in Scotland. And for the ninety-five-year-old sovereign, who couldn’t wait to enjoy grandchildren and great-grandchildren, it was “a real joy“. This was revealed by a source to the American edition of Vanity Fair. “William, Kate and the children have lived gods special moments with the queen“. Which, as usual, he made his grandchildren find, on their beds in the castle of Balmoral, small gifts chosen in person.

At Balmoral, the source continues, the Cambridge “always have a great time. They love being outdoors and spending quality time with their family. This is where William lived a good part of his childhood and it is important for him that his children experience the same things he did as a child. ” The Cambridge trip to Scotland was also an opportunity for spend some time with Carlo e Camilla, which are on holiday in Birkhall, the Scottish retreat that the future king inherited from the Queen Mother. A special place for the couple, given that Elizabeth’s eldest son is right there asked for the hand of the current Duchess of Cornwall and they spent their honeymoon there after their wedding in 2005.

During the days they spent at Balmoral, William, Kate and their children did long walks in the countryside, they went fishing, cycling and horseback riding. Then the big ones are inevitable grilling many loved by the late Prince Philip. The Duke of Edinburgh used to cook outside for the whole family, using a barbecue mobile specially designed for him. William and Kate had visited the Queen at Balmoral, after confinement, last year as well. Enjoying what would be theirs last holiday in the company of Filippo.

The British royal family went out of their way to don’t make the queen feel alone in this first summer without Filippo. By Sarah Ferguson with the ex-husband Andrea a Edoardo e Carlo with their respective spouses, they all spent time with Elizabeth. “The Queen at Balmoral has been very busy so far».

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