Kate Middleton, William and the last minute attempt to defuse tensions with Harry and Meghan

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Meghan Markle and the prince Harry they made theirs last official appearance as royal working in March 2020: Megxit had already been announced at the time and the two lived in Canada. But then they returned to London to participate with Kate MiddletonThe prince William and the rest of the royal family at the annual Commonwealth service at Westminster Abbey. And on that occasion everyone noticed that among the four former «fab four» – this is how the Windsor brothers and their wives were nicknamed by the British press at a time when no one imagined how it would end – the atmosphere was freezing. The Cambridges sat in the front row, the brothers-in-law close behind. But the exchanges of glances and smiles were practically non-existent. As if they were unknown or almost.

Yet, as the now reveals Daily Mail, things could have been even worse. The Sussexes had learned that, due to Megxit, they couldn’t participate in the procession of royal seniors who would have accompanied Queen Elizabeth as she entered the abbey: they had to sit directly in their seats. News that sent them into a rage: «They were shocked». William and Kate, “to avoid further drama», they made a «last-minute» move with which they hoped to ease tensions: they too they skipped the royal procession and sat directly in their seatsin the row in front of the Sussexes.

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A last minute decision that didn’t have the desired effects. Also because William and Kate, net of the skipped royal procession, they did little to be friendly to the Sussexes. It was the first time the four had met face to face since Megxit’s announcement. And the tension was palpable. William of England, before sitting down, he waved to his brother (not Meghan…). But he was still a cold and simple “hello”. Kate Middleton not even that, not even a smile to the in-laws. And it was like this until the end of the ceremony and even at the exit. The only one who laughed all the time was Meghan Markle: the British tabloids wrote that it was a nervous, forced laugh, as if to tell everyone that there was no problem for her.

True or not, the Sussexes, as the biography would later reveal Finding Freedom, at Commonwealth Day Mass they felt “snubbed” by august relatives. In particular from William and Kate, with whom they are now about to meet face to face: in fact, it seems that the Sussexes have decided to participate in the coronation of Charles III which will take place at Westminster Abbey on May 6th. This time the former “fab four”, in all probability, will not be seated together. But one thing is certain: after the recent ones poison arrows fired by Harry, with the book Shootagainst the royal family and in particular against his brotheronce again between the two couples will be frost.

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