Kate Moss and Johnny Depp together again in London

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Kate Moss And Johnny Depp together again. The nostalgic of the 90s who hope for a recovery in style Bennifer of the craziest love story of the decade do not delude themselves, however: they have seen each other only with friends and just for one night. It happened in London, reveals the Daily Mailin the backstage of the Royal Albert Hall.

Waiting for judgment of the process which for six weeks saw him protagonist against his ex-wife Amber Heardthe star flew to the British capital and he performed in a “cameo” during a friend’s concert Jeff Beck. In the audience, there was also the supermodel: arrived around 8, about an hour and a half before Depp’s performance, with a blue Mercedes, she entered the main entrance. Then, after the concert, caught up with her ex-boyfriend backstage and at the party that followed the performance, where the producer also joined them Sharon Osborne.

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Although often, in the past, the supermodel had reiterated that when their love story is over (in 1998) her “heart was broken”, today Kate Moss and Johnny Depp they are on excellent terms. And just a week ago she had witnessed in favor of the ex in the trial against Amber Heard, sued for defamation.

Of course, there was no shortage of speculation on social media: ‘It is for her that he returned to LondonDepp fans write (and hope) about Twitter. Some are even unbalanced by hypothesizing a “Kate’s return to her life», Thanks to the testimony at the trial:« Citing you was the best thing that you [Amber Heard] could do: he brought Kate Moss back into Johnny’s life. ‘

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They do not however consider who the supermodel, 48, is currently fiancée with the photographer Nikolai von Bismarckto which it is linked by ben 7 years and he still declares it very much in love. It is therefore difficult that the hopes of the fans can be reflected in reality. At least not for the moment. But in the future who knows: as another famous Londoner said, never say never.

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Source: Vanity Fair

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