Kate Winslet: “I’m 45 years old, three children, I don’t care about the bikini body”

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On the cover of the latest issue of Stella Magazine, Kate Winslet he brings a clear and decidedly unusual message to his industry, the Hollywood film industry. The British actress, 45, with three children, said: “There is this myth that Hollywood actresses must always be flawless. Well, that’s no longer the case “. At least for her, who, when asked what drives her to train (Winslet is a Peloton bike fan), answered just as honestly: «I definitely don’t do it to get a bikini body.

I am 45 years old and I gave birth to three children, we understand each other, right? ».

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Since its inception in front of the camera and, in particular, with the phenomenon Titanic, colossal in which she starred in the role of the protagonist, Kate Winslet has had to deal with countless, completely free malicious comments about his silhouette. Too little threadlike for Hollywood aesthetic standards. As recalled by a new article published in Grazia UK, then 19 year old Kate Winslet was literally slaughtered by the Western press, who instead of praising her artistic skills, concentrated for years on repeating how plump she was, too buttery to be credible as an object of the wishes of the co-star Leonardo Di Caprio (whose weight, no one has ever had to complain about). Among the cruelest comments that appeared in the newspapers of 1998, the release date of the film: «If only he had had a couple of kilos less, Leo would have been able to stay with her on the raft and save himself “. The problem is that, as Kate Winslet herself recalled some time later, for years the actress has justified her physicality, feeling obliged to be accountable for her diet and lifestyle. This is why his message is so important today: Kate Winslet no longer has any intention of justifying herself of any bacon, wrinkles, cellulite. The race for (unattainable) perfection is not for her. Let Hollywood come to terms with it, because there is no room for compromise.

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