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Kate Winslet says she is still friends with Leonardo DiCaprio: “We always connected”

Kate Winslet recalled the instant chemistry she had with Leonardo DiCaprio while filming “Titanic”, and the friendship that the two protagonists of the classic maintain to this day. The speech was made during a new version of the film.

A previously unreleased version of “Titanic” is scheduled to be released on December 5th. Entitled “Titanic: Stories from the Heart” (“Titanic: Stories from the Heart”, in free translation), the 4k version of the production has extra scenes, in addition to featuring Kate Winslet, the protagonist actress, remembering important moments from the film and its behind the scenes.

In content obtained exclusively by Entertainment TonightKate Winslet spoke about the connection she had (and still has) with her co-star Leonardo DiCaprio.

“Once I started working with Leo, we were able to find our own rhythm. And it’s amazing to look back and think about it all again,” the star began.

She claims they “clicked immediately.” “He was a real mess of long limbs, thin and uncoordinated. And he was very free with himself, he had an effervescent energy that made him really magnetic,” she says.

Kate Winslet says she felt from the beginning how well they would get along and how much she immediately admired him: “He was very, very intelligent, and very curious. He was really fascinated by the characterization of the time, the details related to the boat. We connected on many levels. That sense of focus on the art, we still care deeply about that.”

The interpreters of Rose and Jack are friends to this day. This is what the protagonist says. “We always connect. And that’s really amazing,” she reveals.

“In the world we live in now, having friendships that bring us together and a shared history is truly amazing,” she concludes.

Source: CNN Brasil

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