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Katerina Tikhonova: The luxurious life of Putin’s daughter in Germany – The army of guards that accompanied her on her dates

Katerina Tikhonova, who is called the youngest daughter of the Russian president Vladimir Putinfor about five years he was flying to Germany for her appointments, which she made in SPA-hotels as well as in Alpine resorts, accompanied by a group bodyguards of the Security Service of the President (SBP). This revelation is made by the Russian investigative journalism website Baznie istorii (in the report entitled ‘The Putin family’s life abroad – corruption, ballet and an army of secret service guards‘) and the magazine Der Spiegel, who gained access to the SBP partner document archive.

Overall, according to the journalists’ data, from January 2016 to January 2021; the bodyguards accompanying Tikhonova had booked a hotel room almost 100 times. Thirty times hotels were booked in Russiamore than 40 times in Germany while there were other popular destinations in Austria and Italy.

As the two media write, “in total» Tikhonova was accompanied to Munich by 12 officers of the Russian secret services.

In the documents made available to journalists, there is no evidence of who paid for the trips of Tikhonova and her bodyguards. However, the website Baznie istorii, considers that these expenses were paid from state funds.

According to Der Spiegel’s imgs and as relayed by the Athens News Agency, during one of Putin’s daughter’s numerous trips to Germany, the travel documents of SBP people aroused suspicion and Putin’s daughter and her entourage began to be monitored.

The website Baznie istorii writes that in Munich the bodyguards of the SBP most often stayed at the Hotel an Der Oper. Across the street from the hotel is the Bavarian Ballet, whose artistic director was Russian dancer Igor Zelensky from 2016 to 2022.

The journalists of the two media claim that Zelensky is the father of Tikhonova’s child, her daughter who was born in 2017 as her patronymic is “Igorevna”. The supposed daughter of Putin in 2017 began to systematically visit Munich, while two years later generally moved to Bavaria, as the website Baznie istorii and the magazine Der Spiegel discovered.

The appointment

The website Baznie istorii, referring to Tikhonova’s meeting with Zelensky in April 2018, writes: “The special mission for which the ten presidential security guards arrived from Moscow to Munich in April 2018 was to arrange a meeting for Tikhonova with Zelensky. At the same time that SBP officers arrived in the Bavarian capital, a luxury jet with flight number LX-SIX arrived. The plane was carrying Tikhonova and her daughter. After spending a month in Munich, Vladimir Putin’s daughter and granddaughter returned to Moscow on the same plane. Then followed the crowd of security guards who returned to Russia.”

Commenting on the number of agents accompanying Tikhonova and Zelensky, the website Baznie istorii writes that “such a number was obviously necessary to protect Tikhonova and Zelensky from the harmful influence of Western values, with which Kremlin officials already they have been scaring Russian citizens for years.”

“In the West they deliberately blur such basic concepts as family, mother, father, man and woman… In the social sector, neoliberalism cultivates individualism, selfishness, the worship of pleasure, unrestrained consumerism, it absolutizes the freedom of any self-expression”, with these words the general secretary of the Security Council of Russia, Nikolai Patrushev, blasted the Western way of life. After the start of the war in Ukraine, Vladimir Putin called Russians who adopt Western values, ethnic traitors. “Many of these people, in fact, mentally are right there (in the West), and not here with our people, not with Russia,” Putin said.

As for luxury jet carrying Tikhonova’s daughter, this aircraft has an interesting history, writes the website Baznie istorii. “It originally belonged to Vladimir Putin’s old friend and one of the main Russian oil exporters Gennady Timchenko. As Vedomosti newspaper wrote, Timchenko bought this aircraft ‘especially to please the Russian president’: the speed of the aircraft approaches the speed of sound. This and other aircraft carried not only Putin’s family, but also Putin himself and his descendants. “On separate occasions, when Putin missed his labrador, Connie, on a long trip, she was brought to him on this plane“, wrote the newspaper Vedomosti.

Source: News Beast

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