Kathlen case: Military police officers reported for tampering with crime scene

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Five military police officers were denounced by the Public Ministry of the State of Rio de Janeiro (MPE-RJ), this Monday (13), for altering the crime scene where the 24-year-old Kathlen de Oliveira Romeu was killed in June this year, at the Lins de Vasconcelos Complex, in the North Zone of Rio.

According to the complaint, the MP also asked the Court for the preventive detention of four of the accused. The complaint was presented by the 2nd Attorney of Justice to the Audit of the Military Justice.

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In the document, the MP states that PM captain Jeanderson Corrêa Sodré, 3rd sergeant Rafael Chaves de Oliveira and PM Rodrigo Correia de Frias, Cláudio da Silva Scanfela and Marcos da Silva Salviano modified the scene where the young woman was shot .

The document also details that agents Chaves, Frias, Scanfela and Salviano added 12 fired 9mm caliber cartridges and a 556 rifle magazine with 10 intact ammunition at the scene, which were presented on the same day at the inspection. 26th Police Station, in the North Zone.

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The intention would be to simulate an exchange of fire between them and criminals in the community. The four were denounced for procedural fraud and perjury.

Captain Jeanderson Corrêa Sodré was denounced for procedural fraud in the omissive form and the only one exempt from the arrest warrant. Also according to the complaint, he was at the location and, as hierarchical superior of the other soldiers, he omitted, when he had, by law, the duty to direct the actions of other PMs who were at the location.

“While they were supposed to preserve the homicide site, awaiting the arrival of the Civil Police expert team, the accused Frias, Salviano, Scanfela and Chaves fraudulently altered it, carrying out the conduct described above, with the intention of creating traces of an alleged confrontation with criminals ”, says an excerpt from the complaint.

remember the case

Model and interior designer Kathlen de Oliveira Romeu, 24, was shot with a rifle on June 8 of this year, during a police action, in the Lins de Vasconcelos Complex, in the North Zone of Rio. The young woman, who was 14 weeks pregnant, was rescued, but she did not resist. The family accuses the PM of having fired the shot that killed the young woman.

Reference: CNN Brasil

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